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  1. I think you mean software
  2. allaboutbuzz has not posted anything I am sure its being worked on
  3. its your service there are all kinds of post complaining about it at their sites
  4. Catchup must be offered by the server. If your server offers it there is a little icon in the show description to show you that the channel has catchup If you know your server has it and it's not working you can pm allaboutbuzz with the server name and he can check into it
  5. You might want to read the release notes before saying its not available
  6. nbs.


    Discussion of iptv providers is not allowed according to the forum rules
  7. I did two recordings one from epg and one manually scheduled Both recorded fine
  8. nothing really to set up Cwhite It either works or it doesnt Pm me your server name and ill see if i know it
  9. No ,its not possible to record TV and watch another Do you mean recording from guide? Or scheduling a recording?
  10. not the best pic sorry
  11. I stand corrected ,close caption is working on my other server
  12. my cc isnt working either When i hit the left arrow it does show disabled and an option underneath but that doesnt work I still dont know what you mean by closed caption in main menu?? where exactly?
  13. are you hiting the button on the left side of ok?
  14. That's good ,he should be able to fix you up
  15. i have episodes watched in tv series but that comes from my server
  16. Did you pm allaboutbuzz?
  17. mine works as it is supposed to with either option
  18. If wifi try hardwired I had the same issue and allaboutbuzz had to change update servers PM him your device ID
  19. Do a reset then try If you have a lot of apps use the backup/restore function
  20. Do a reset then try If you have a lot of apps use the backup/restore function
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