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  1. I am not sure if there is an update available . Might be worth a shot to connect via ethernet The update might fix it??
  2. account info tells you how many connections you have
  3. nbs.


    There has not been a firmware update to fix it
  4. nbs.

    New Update

    You'll have to wait for allaboutbuzz to debug your issue
  5. nbs.

    New Update

    Have you tried clearing cache in the buzz5 app?
  6. nbs.

    New Update

    With both players?
  7. I've been trying to get it to the top but having an issue with the move feature Get there by view categories, organize categories,move I could get it to the top if I hid tv series and favorites but I'm sure you would want those Maybe someone can help with the move function
  8. So you push the wrong button on remote and iptv kicks in and that's an issue?...lol Backup/restore is being worked on Pm allaboutbuzz with your mac addy and you will stop getting beta updates
  9. You'll have to wait for the dev to discuss audio passthrough
  10. nbs.

    Change MAC address

    No it's not Also stbemu is not a server, it's an app
  11. this might help for users running buzz 5 and android 9 https://www.mediafire.com/file/epmf5i0suejl6rj/com_buzz.services.pvr_33_5056428e-2cad-4bbe-9a31-4e13bdb55857.apk/file
  12. Don't know what you mean by a clean install but it is an update Yes to all the other questions A small percentage of users have issues and need to reset it to fix it but not many
  13. Did you try default to see of sync issue goes away?
  14. There are two internal players You can pm allaboutbuzz with your version number and mac addy and add him to update your stick
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