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  1. Test your vod on external Does it run fine?
  2. Real time streaming should off. Also update your buzz sw. Does this happen on every channel?
  3. All info is confidential until buzz gives their approval
  4. Yes there are half a dozen that I know of.
  5. No one except buzz can answer that as the testers have not received their boxes yet. I doubt they would make any drastic changes to server settings as they have been pretty much the same since buzz 2
  6. No it'll come with buzz 6
  7. Jmo there will always be someone complaining that it might take an extra 30 seconds to find a show
  8. It's not an issue that can be fixed with a setting
  9. Not everyone lists their guide info the same way so sometimes a show won't appear on one device but will show on another. You would have to contact buzz with all your info and then they can look at it. They are very busy right now so a fix might be a while for minor bugs
  10. Your software is still not updated as dishuser pointed out Use menu button to check for updates
  11. Post your firmware, don't say it's up to date
  12. Only buzz can answer that You can try emailing bit they ate very busy
  13. So buzz would have to program in every external player and change their software every time they update their player. Why not ask the player guys to change their software?
  14. Because it's an external app and not part of the buzz,software
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