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  1. If you turn on Real Time Streaming in the configuration menu, it should do what you're looking for on Live TV at least.
  2. Emporium pointed out an error 2 * We will replace one with :
  3. We will add more characters to the Search Keyboard on our next update Plus the Cyrillic keyboard, as this was requested by some European customers I think this should resolve your issue
  4. Pretty sure they hardware decode it as they both have Dolby Licences So there is a difference between Hardware Decode and Passthrough.
  5. To add to this Truehd cant be passthrough, its a bluray format, its decoded on players, some receivers can decode it but it cant be passed through, its a lossless format takes a lot on bandwidth
  6. I apologize for the late response on this We looked into it atmos passthrough works fine.. truehd cant be passed through hdmi, bluray players decode it directly basically for atmos passthrough to work it needs to use EAC3 container. Which is what Disney+ uses for example.
  7. Did you try rebooting the box? And try updating again
  8. That pop up is from the weather widget Just disregard it for now
  9. We have no way to detect if a movies been played on external player You can mark it played manually though.
  10. When apps are active The screen saver won't work. That's even if you paused something. Sorry but we have no plans to change this.
  11. Ok Auto uses HLS by default Try recording with TS and see if the same issues appear If not, then there is some testing we need to do with HLS
  12. What stream format are you using in Configuration? Auto, HLS or TS?
  13. Ok no problem. There's no point in going back and forth on this. As you already created a support ticket for the same thing and went back and forth on it there as well. You even mentioned that you didn't want to keep going back and forth. Yet here you are on our forums, doing the exact same thing. If there was something to fix we would, as we always do. V919 has been out since February, and obviously worked without issues for the server you mention. Looks like they updated or changed something on their side this week and broke something and they don't want to fix it.
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