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    If you have been trying to watch another channel, while recording another. This would explain the reason why you're recordings are coming back "null" Almost all providers only allow 1 channel to be watched/recorded at the same time. And as nbs mentioned, their are no boxes that allow you to record tv and watch another channel right now.
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    I have 3 ARQ 100 in the house and they are Not interfere with eachother so go one and get the second one
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    my first impression was the pic quality the 3900 is better than the 4000 and the 4500 is even better The xrs comes with a bt100 remote which works well Its a bluetooth ir remote
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    Which players offer this? So we can look into it.
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    Hmmm ,I think I saw few boxes around that they have dual tuner ,I don't want to give names ,but are more expensive and I don't know how reliable they are
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    Ok we understand the concern. But I don't think it will be an issue on the 4500.
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    There are no boxes that allow you to record tv and watch another channel
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    Try the ARQ-100 you will never go back to the normal remote
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    This is correct Thanks for the feedback
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    Thanks ,saves me playing with it
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    As far as I know the dongle that came with the remote is paired to that specific remote so it will not interfere with your other box.
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    I have two arqs Ill test that this week
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    U can't, but an update will come soon for that matter
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    menu, configuration ,current time
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    I switched out the HDMI cable and the issue went away. Thank you for the prompt response.
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    So I went to the lunch party and I pick up one to see whats the big update and the difference between the XRS4000 ,the Buzztv team very helpful and very nice and friendly with everyone , ok now let's start with the exterior of the Box . -Looks a little bit thicker than the xr4000 ,now on top of the box you see the specification of the box print it on the plastic which is a nice presentation from the buzztv team -The usb ports and microSD card now are on the opposite side - at the back the box the buzz team add it the optical digital connection which is a valuable add on for better audio output -The best add on is the Remote which now is a Big improvement over the xr4000, is faster has Bluetooth and keypad lightning (no more slow scrolling or double press to select something) On the software part is the same like the xr 4000 I didn't see to many changes so far, from my understanding is that buzz team are working on a new update with a lot of changes . I saw that the wi-fi is a bit better than the xr4000 due to the mimo add on( I have 500mbps plan ,on the xrs4000 speed test I have 180mbs on 5g, with xrs4500 I have 250-300mbps ),the video quality is better ,the EPG loads a little bit faster but that depends on the server too. Since is a fresh release I runned in to 1-2 small bugs: -If I install apps from Google Play or web or memory stick I can't see them on the app drawer to see them there I have to reboot the box , another small bug is that the ARQ 100 remote froze randomly and can't be used ,is coming back only if I unplug and plug back the usb dongle. If I missed something please add it on to this thread ,all in all I like the New XRS 4500 and I think with the new update coming will be one of the Best IPTV boxes on the market.
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    Did you do a factory reset? Try that and see if is still the same, if it is than it might be hardware problem .
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    The remote that came with my XRS4000 was the worst. Scrap #1. I then bought an IR-1000L. It was just as bad as the original. 3 or 4 key presses to get a response. The pretty little red light on the unit flashed with each key press, but that was all that happened. Scrap #2. Then I purchased the ARQ-100, and what a difference. This unit is super responsive ,and each key press produces a quick result. If you are looking for a super replacement, spend the extra few bucks and buy the ARQ-100. Oh yeah - it also comes with a free keyboard on the back.
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    Everyone, I just want to compliment NBS. He private messaged me and resolved my issue with server name and configuration settings. Can say enough!!! two months of trying to fix this and NBS resolved it over messaged in 10 minutes!! thank you, thank you.
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    Correct. Biggest issue is, servers block multiple uses of same macs on multiple devices. And majority of users blame the buzz app for this. It also creates a ton of issues with Device Id. As I said earlier, if you're looking to use multiple servers on multiple devices, just use Streaming Lines or m3u.
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    really doesnt matter where you are worldwidesatellites deliver quick anywhere in canada been in business for over a decade remember to change currency to cdn
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    Same Mac Address per slot. If you want to use different accounts Best to use M3U or Streaming Line. And no problem on the info.
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    Hello folks: Looks like after yesterday's update all is fine. I can now fast forward and rewind VOD. Thanks Team BuzzTV
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    I have samsung Too and have same issue
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    To confirm hdv’s finding, I moved my buzz 4K to an older, non-smart tv and the original remote works fine. I was flipping through buzz for 10-15 minutes and no delays at all. So, it might be an interference from a tv after all. Btw, the tv I was having issues with is a one year old Samsung. Hope this helps the Buzz team further troubleshoot this issue.
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    I guess I'll have to add that it is indeed sad that DRM was not utilized in this unit. Nowadays everyone wants 4K UHD. Since very few IPTV servers have it and pretty much none of the free movie sites have it, that leaves the paid services which this box is unable to achieve. Loading up 4K content via USB or other means doesnt require an expensive unit. So why not release the 'latest greatest' type units like other majors are doing if you're going to have a $150-200 media player. So I find myself using it for IPTV ease and new movies in 1080 from quality Torrent sites. When new series via Netflix or Prime or YouTube or Apple+ are to be watched the box gets switched off and another device utilized. adding Widevine L1 - DRM would have cost another $5-6 USD per unit and a license fee. Hmmmm
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    4500 Impressions & Noted Issues To Date : S905X3 seems to run smoother on added .apks, Buzztv4 has some issues related to the G31 mating. When running at 650mhz @ 28nm HPM there is ‘ audio skipping ‘ on high end IPTV servers. Very notable on 2048 streams combined with running MOL2. Yamaha RX-A3080 keeps messaging on screen “ sound signal loss “ meaning the STB is not keeping steady audio. Tried on multiple servers using UHD and same results. The 4000 does not have this issue. Another notice was the USB 3 port having issues with new SSD USB chassis and when trying to use PLEX it wont load up the Blu-Ray media. Heat issues have been reduced significantly so that’s a big plus. Would have liked to have seen this unit with DRM to be able to use 4K conglomerate streaming services like the Disney+ and 4k Netflix and of course YouTube. The BT lighted remote is great, can easily turn off the lights and enjoy navigating now. The Optical output is great addition for those running standard soundbars and older AV receivers. 64Gb internal is nice too, the average end user now has a bit of space to record without adding storage. I’m sure the engineering staff will fix the small issues as they are reported by educated testers. AML S905X3 seems to be the norm for the 1st quarter of 2020 until the S922XS and variants can be perfected. The internal 3v battery is nice too for memorical standby in using PVR and on demand awake. Maybe consider the XAPK patch that the competition is using for those non DRM units to achieve the 4K Disney+ and stuff. Thanks.
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    I had a BuzzTV 3000 remote and it worked like a charm with my Samsung tv. Two Buzz 4K remotes ( original and illuminating) both have these issues though the illuminating less than the original. A fake buzz remote from Artronix also works without any problems. PS Buying a new tv to fix remote problem is not an option
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    This was fixed via PM But I will list how here If you have this issue When in VOD Press the menu button Go to configuration Scroll to the bottom and turn Server Favorites On Do a reboot and it will start to work Majority of servers require Buzz app to save favorites to an internal database on the box. While a small amount of others have it stored on their server. So we just put an on/off switch to make it work for ones with this issue.
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    send the name of your server to allaboutbuzz He will check into it I have vod on 3 servers with no issues
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    pushing the reset button is all you need to do
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    It is just annoying to see it, that’s all.
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    I have the same message but it doesn't do anything anyway at least not with my box
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    It took me a while to get rid of it. Disabled one of the google services. Unfortunately, I’m not sure which one. I believe it was com.google.android.gms.setup but like I said, not 100% sure.
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    Thanks for feedback The app drawer issue will be fixed in the next update.
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    BuzzTV XR/XRS4500 is available at buzztvglobal.com, worldwidesatellites.com, ebay.ca/ebay.com and more sites coming soon.
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