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I whole heartedly agree. I am a long time shield user but I have to say BuzzTV is starting to take over as the king of streaming boxes. I started with the vid stick + about two months ago and when i saw the XRS4900 was taking preorders in early February I did not hesitate. My 4900 came a week ago but due to family issues I was not able to get it set up until this weekend. Blazing fast response time on both my services and several side loaded applications stream without any issues at all.  my only gripe (and it's a small one) is that you cannot dim or turn off the led display on the front of the box it does at times become distracting other than that this machine rocks!


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So far this box is superior to any other BuzzTV box I've used to date. UI is revamped and ascetically pleasing. The channel switching is smooth and extremely fast in comparison  to my XPL3000. Might have a few bugs that need squishing but it's expected so close to launch, I'm sure they'll be refining as time goes.

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36 minutes ago, BUZZ_GUY said:

Yeah, it is so WOW that they are not releasig updates to users unless your part of their beta team. They are releasing new units leaving their existing units outdated and buggy.





Stop spreading misinformation.  The 4900 is alive and well, and actually presently gets more updates that any of their other boxes.  In fact it is the one that get's most buzztv 5 updates before they are even transferred to their newer boxes.

You CHOOSE not to provide something as simple as you MAC address or serial number to Buzz themselves (who made the unit - and already have it in their general database).  The beta software club is not any elite secret society.  IT is just a different list for OTA updates.  The general list will only get the updates once Buzz deems fit that the fixes they have implemented are fit for the general public.

You are paranoid about some data privacy, yet you gladly provide your MAC to your service provider who is selling you some really legit streams, and obviously more trustworthy 🙂  Your MAC is already stored in you service providers database, along with your IP, and other information about you.  And those servers are so insecure, that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to dumb these databases and post them public.  If you think it is so hard, think about this... Buzz could easily get your IP from these forums.  Then they can easily check their regular OTA check logs for all boxes and match up your public IP to your MAC if they really wanted to track your box down.  

You don't want to provide the info, that is your choice (no one can force you).  But saying that boxes are left behind since new boxes are being released, is just pure BS. 






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2 hours ago, BUZZ_GUY said:

Bro, every update that resolves an issue on the unit should be available to the customers/users.


you really think that you are succeeding by bashing buzz in every thread? I feel like you are hiding your intention with your username. you are pretending that you love buzz but in realty you dont. people who own buzz units are very happy. you can not make everyone happy but the dont cry like you because you trying your best to bash buzz because looks like you can not see buzz succeeding. 

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