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HD WiFi Problem


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Received Box  yesterday.  Installed it.  Unable to to connect to network.  Even thought it see the network when applying network password.  But will connect thru ethernet. Spent hours trying to figure out whats wrong.  I also have X5gb and that running well.  Your help is much appreciated.

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Do you have separate 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band SSID, or are they combined and access point "tries" to decide ?

When you are trying to connect WiFi, I am assuming you are unplugging the ethernet cable ?  I know in my case, sometimes trying to connect WiFi when cable is still connected will do strange things.

Actually, being tooo close can be an issue also 🙂  Just saying.



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Everyone all at once ?  This is not even your thread ?  Hijacking someone else's thread out of no where with no context.. 

Your customers all have an HD5 and all have an EERO Pro setup also ?

Many of us have over a dozen boxes and no issues (and so does most of my family and colleagues).  Maybe all your customers have the same ISP and using some low end router distributed by the ISP.

If you are using combined 2.4/5Ghz with band steering, I strongly recommend separating them to 2 separate  SSID (one for 2.4 and one for 5Ghz).

IF you have a particular situation, you should start your own thread and not mix it in with another.



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On 3/4/2023 at 8:24 PM, 7leaves said:

Only common denominator is buzztv... They are all my customers and BuzzTV is all I sell... 

To add context to this
This issue was with the provider and not the boxes or Buzz app

It was giving a Server Error Message when trying to login.

Due to a DNS issue on the server side.


In the future, try starting your own thread for issues and not hijack existing ones.

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