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Source button on ARQ-100 works for the TV, but still can't change the source input


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I have an ARQ-100  for my BuzzTV box, I used the instructions included in the box to program the Power button and Source button to control the TV.

But I can't change the source of the TV... when I press the Source button on the ARQ-100, it changes the SELECTION of the source input of the TV (e.g. highlight the next input HDMI 2), but I still need to use the original TV remote to press the "Enter" button to select the source (e.g. to change-to HDMI 2). This means I still need to use the original TV remote to change the source. Is there any way I can use the ARQ-100 remote to press the "Enter" button for the TV so I can change the source? Or some other way to just use only the ARQ-100 to change the TV source?

Thanks in advance!

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Reality is, the source button is just a programmable button.  You can program it to do anything you want.

Unfortunately, your issue is that the implementation of a "source change" on your TV, requires you to press enter.  This is not very common (at least not on the TVs that I have seen).  If you can achieve a source change with a single button from your original TV remote, then you should be able to program that button on the ARQ-100.  If you need more (like in your case, hitting enter), you would be out of luck.  On most TVs, pressing the source button just cycles between the input without requiring additional confirmation from the remote.  In some cases, it will show a menu which allows it to select inputs, and there is an auto timeout that if you stay on same selection for more than 2 or 3 seconds, it auto selects and switches to it.  

Does you original remote have a "quick" discrete button for switching to a specific input ?  I know my old sharp TV had a source button (to switch between inputs), but also had 2 other buttons which were direct shortcuts (one direct for TV, and the other for HDMI1).  

Unless your TV has a single button switch option, I think you would be out of luck.

UNLESS... If you don't use the TV power button (depending on habits - some people always turn TV on using TV remote, you can always program the "TV power" button, as the TV Enter key.

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@Emporium RE: "Reality is, the source button is just a programmable button.  You can program it to do anything you want."

Thank you very much for that insight. I was able to come up with a partial solution because of it. I need the first programmable button to control power, so that only leaves the other button I can fiddle with. So I tied the second programmable button to switch to HDMI 1. Which means I need the original TV remote to switch to any other input; not an ideal solution but better than nothing.

There IS a Google Assistant button on the original TV remote; if I could have tied the second programmable button to the GA that would have been a reasonable solution; as long as the original remote is close enough (it has a microphone) I could have "told" GA to just switch inputs for me. But for some reason, the 2nd programmable button on the ARQ-100 won't bind to it. Oh well.


@Ryu Yeah lol this is the first new TV we bought in years and it happens to be "special" that way. Oh well.

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