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  1. Emporium


    That is the latest publicly available version. If you want and you are willing to go to "pre-release" firmware, you will need to message allaboutbuzz. Keep in mind however, that there is no rolling back if there is something you don't like, or is buggy (since it is not "final" firmware)
  2. As DU mentioned, it is provider. I am assuming the sub you have supports/includes multiple simultaneous streams ? Is it possible that you are only supposed to have a single stream and your service just did not enforce it until recently ?
  3. Emporium


    This is definitely nice. I was very excited to use it, and now myself and the wife each has their own favorites list. No need to scroll through Hallmark and Dove channels to get to "This old house"
  4. Have you connected to the same wifi with another device to see if internet is even available on that WiFi ? When you connect to the WiFi, on the other device, do you have to go through some captive portal (like a screen that requires you to "accept" some conditions) before allowing you to access the internet (like when you acess a public wifi at Starbuck, Tim's or even Maxi..) ?
  5. You said "follow all your suggestions and now it works perfectly "... Now it is not ? When you say you have the latest version of firmware, can you post what firmware and buzzTV version you have ? Should be able to find both in the "updates" screen. At this point, if you gave tried everything else, I would say, you should probably consider a factory default reset This is the reset procedure for an xrs4500, but it is identical for the 4900. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l1x3KJl_jE
  6. For the benefit of others, what exactly fixed the issue ?
  7. Emporium

    XXX channels

    I have never tested the favorites aspect.. However.. You can access all XXX channels directly from the "All Channels" category, and there is no unlock required. And the worst part, is if you access them from the "all channels" category, they do end up in you channel history Even after surfing a few channels, if I go the adult category and try to select a channel, it does ask me to unliock. I just tested it on 5.0.799 with my main service. Don't know if it is a "tagging" issue, but it has been like this for as far as I can remember. Pretty sure I had the same behaviour with another service.
  8. If you try all that and you still have issues, as a "test", remove any media you may have installed in the unit (SD card, Hard drive, USB stick). If there is corruption on the media, it may cause strange behaviours.
  9. No issues with BuzzTV. Don't care about Tivimate :) Wrong Forum.. Not a BuzzTV issue. Sorry dude.
  10. Emporium

    Buzz TV

    You are not mentioning what model of device you are talking about (xpl3000, E1, E2, X5, U5, etc..) ? BuzzTV 5 is the App that is used on the newer devices. What version of app is the box using ? From Live TV, if you press the menu button, it should be listed on the bottom of the menu. OR better yet, go to the "updates" screen from the home screen, and it should give you both the Firmware version, and the BuzzTV app version. when you say "hard reboot" can you please explain what exactly do you mean ? Just unplugging and plugging the box ? Doing a Full factory reset ? Are you using the integrated BuzzTV app, or using some other 3rd party app (smarters, stbemu, tivimate, etc..) ? Have you tried switching video players (from LiveTV press menu, settings->Configuration and it should be on the top) ? Maybe his specific IPTV provider has changed something in some of the IPTV stream encodings recently which is not playing well with the video players.
  11. Was it working before and it just stopped, or is this a new sub ? What type of SUB. MAC or XC ? ops.. Saw you say that there reset your sub, so I assume MAC. You using the Server ID on the top right of the server page, or the actual MAC of the box. Like DU mentioned below:
  12. Do you do a shutdown when you press the power button, or just a suspend ? Suspend over time can cause strange behaviours with WiFi. Try a full reboot if so. Or unplug the box power and plug it back in to reboot it. If that does not help, have you tried to "forget" the saved network and then reconnect ? If at one point the WiFi was available but no internet was available, it may be flagged to ignore future connections since it assumes that it has no internet.
  13. From LiveTV, Menu->Settings->Configuration and it should be on the top..
  14. And have you tried the same service, that you know works on the other box, on this box ?
  15. Try to clear cache for the Buzz app itself. Are you possibly low on storage on the unit ? When you say it is stuck at 0%, it is in which stage ? Downloading or installing ?
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