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  1. When you say it sees it as "Filesystem type: msdos" I am assuming you are NOT using a windows PC. Possibly a MAC or Linux box ? Pretty sure that is NOT an official filesyste type. And whatever machines you are using, is grouping all windows type filesystems under 1 category (FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, etc..). If you have access to a windows PC use that. I would have offered to send you a MicroSD card, since I have a few of them (8GB) which I used to update some for family and friends. And with your comment about "Cretin" I assume we are not too far geographically But after all the current comments, I am not even going to bother. For a company which has a reputation of regular updates, it should have been a red flag to you when you realized that after 6 months, still no updates. Can't blame buzz, if you waited more than a year to check confirm why you still had no updates. And just to clarify, they did not tell you to "buzz" off. They did offer to flash it, but being so long after the fact, and out of warranty they would not cover the shipping. They would not charge you for the service, you just cover shipping if you are not able to do it yourself. Good Luck with the other company you ordered a box from.
  2. Latest public update for 4900 is 5.0.893. Like dishuser said, if it doesn't come through, message buzztv with your mac, and let them know. They will take care of it. Give it a day, just in case the update servers are down at the moment
  3. 4900, I have not tried (maybe out of curiosity, I'll try tomorrow).. But U5 I have, and it does boot. But then again, since it is not designed for it, it may not work on all devices.
  4. And let's not forget how easy it is to turn on the backlight if you want to. Even in the dark, you feel your way to the bottom rightmost key, press it for a few seconds, and it enables the backlight. Do the same again to disable it completely
  5. Actually, it will probably turn on, but it will be quite unstable with strange behaviors. Many have had strange behaviors with their box, only to realize that in their rush to connect it their new toy, they "assumed" the power supply was the same as other boxes and didn't swap out the 5V power supply (from thier previous box) for the provided 12V. 12V 1.5A or greater should be easy enough to find. They were pretty common also on external powered USB hard drives also. I have a box full from a few from old LaCie and Seagate external drives and they work fine also on my U5 and 4900.
  6. Same here. I have 2 of them and I love them. One in the living room and one in my bedroom. They are my main daily use devices , and so far, the BT200 remote which came with the 4900 is still my favorite remote. Even though I have the X5 and U5 units, my wife would hang me if I replace the 4900 units she has gotten so used to. FYI: there is nothing wrong with Android 9. For a purpose built unit (ie: IPTV) it just works and it is stable. There is no software that I have seen that "needs" anything higher anyhow.
  7. And we are assuming you are using a MAC sub ? Keep in mind that IF the person you bought it from, tested the service on his box, odds are he will need to do another reset, since the server probably married your sub to his device_id Many servers lock into not only the MAC, but also to DEVICE_ID.
  8. Yes they can (at a few different levels). Do you have access to a VPN service to see if it works if you enable a VPN ?
  9. The 4900 is an older box, based on Android 9. The newer boxes are the 5 series, which are based on Android 11, which is what I would recommend. However having said that, if you absolutely want s 4900, you can check the Buzztv Global web site, they do seem to be selling some under the "refurbished" section. If you don't want new, and prefer new, then Worldwide Satellites does list them on their web site. But they are pretty much the same price as the newer 5 series. I you absolutely want an HDD/SSD slot like the 4900, then the U5 is the equivalent on the 5 series. If that aspect s not of huge importance, then I'd strongly recommend you look at the BuzzTV Classic (and the remote included is a BT250, which is very similar to the BT200 originally included with the xrs4900). You could still record, but you would need to add a USB stick for that.
  10. Interesting.. No audio if played through the PVR downloads interface ? OK if played through VLC ? So it's a codec issue then. I don't see an option to change/select player for VOD Downloads. Guess that would be a nice addition, so you would be able to choose "external" and the use what you want. Or even have VOD Downloads follow the VOD player selection. Right now I am assuming it is using primary since I have external set for VOD player, but get no prompt to choose (like I do for VOD).
  11. MAC or XC type login ? If it is MAC, ask them to at least do a MAC reset on your account.
  12. When it happens, do you actually see the channel list, or just the small screen in the corner with nothing else ? Reason I ask is that before the update, on my 4900, "if" I was using primary player, and then while I was in the channel list and selected menu->settings->configuration and changed to backup player and then quickly backed out again to the channel list/full screen (before the backup player initialized/started streaming), under some circumstances the video would be only on the top right. And it was strange, sometimes it was a scaled version of the video (like when in channel listing), but sometimes it was just like a "viewport" on the top right (same size, but was just the top right of the full size image). Switching back to Primary player would go back to normal. I have not tried to reproduce it since the update, but I find the players are more stable since the update.
  13. Has nothing to do with # of connections, since they were not starting another connection. They were starting to play/stream a file that was STILL being written to by the PVR process. As soon as the video player opened the file for playback, it stopped the recording process. If you plan to start watching streams while they are being recorded, then you are better off with a service that offers "Catch-up" on the channel you want. That way instead of playing back the recording, you could have played back the actual stream (that was in progress - assuming you have more than one connection available), and then use the catchup function to start from the beginning.
  14. First of all, don't hijack other threads, especially since your issue is unrelated. Secondly, if you were hoping to use the box with "free" servers you find posted today and gone before you even try them, you will be very disappointed. Find a service, and buy a subscription. Subs are pretty cheap, and some even offer short trials so you can try (to ensure you like the channel lineup they offer). And this is the wrong forum if you are looking for services, since we only support BuzzTV hardware/software in this forum.
  15. Quite possible. Is there any way to check with your service provider (or a friend who uses the same service) ? If it works fine for others, then I'd say to send a PM to allaboutbuzz, and give him the details about the service and maybe he can look into it. Maybe there is something different/customized that they do on their panel/portal.
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