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  1. Emporium

    WiFi issues

    The router probably has an option called "bandwidth steering". If it is enabled, the router tries to push devices to the 5Ghz band. If it is disabled, you will see 2 separate SSID (one for 2.4Ghz, and one for 5Ghz, and YOU can choose what to connect to. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. 2.4Ghz is very congested and slower max speeds. But it has a longer range than 5Ghz. 5Ghz is less congested, and faster. But does not have a long range, and will drop off quite quickly as distance increases. Also being a higher frequency it will not penetrate walls/doors, etc.. as easily. https://eyenetworks.no/en/why-band-steering-means-better-wifi/#:~:text=What%20Does%20Band%20Steering%20Do,to%20the%20appropriate%20frequency%20band. Many ISP provide modem/router all-in-one units. These are typically junk, and are rarely updated. They are just cheap all-on-one solutions for convenience. Cheap (like dlink) and no name routers are no better. They rarely provide any updates to correct or improve their devices. Some of the better brands (like Asus and Netgear on some models) provide quite frequent updates on their units, which provide many fixes for compatibility, better algorithms for the band steering, and security updates. And the updates can sometimes go on over 3 to 5 years after the device is purchased, which is pretty nice. Keep in mind that I am just referring to basic consumer grade units here. I also was given an all-in-one modem/router by my ISP. And very quickly, I disabled the onboard WiFi and got dedicated WiFi Access points, since I wanted more control and the all-in-one would work fine for a week or 2, then 2 or 3 days of h3ll. I eventually gave up, converted the modem/router to bridge mode (essentially disabling the WiFi and router functions - ie: becomes a dumb modem) then added 3 WiFi access points (2 upstairs and one in the basement - wired backhaul from router to access points), and my own pfsense based router/firewall. Obviously overkill for most, but it has been rock solid anywhere in the house (and even in the back yard). Many friends that have an all-in-one and complain about WiFi stability, I suggest at least one simple upgrade. Get something like a TP-Link EAP245 wireless access point, disable the WiFi on the all-ion-one, and connect and use this access point for your WiFi needs. It has better range, more stable, and it is only about $100 on amazon. And being sold by amazon, if you don't feel you got an improvement, it can always be returned easily.
  2. Emporium

    ARQ 250

    But it's available on amazon canada, if anyone is interested. And it is sold and shipped my amazon, so not unknown 3rd party. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B079H4SPKF
  3. Are we on the same issue again ? Get over it. It is a glitch, and there is NOTHING that can be done to change that. Sh!t happens. There was a bug in the OTA updating software. It sucks, we know. There is a fix, move on. Coming from someone who was complaining that we won't drop it.
  4. Have you tried disabling the CEC options in the settings ?
  5. Completely forgot about them. I had bought my first xpl3000 from them
  6. True but the 4900 has the advantage of being able to add an internal 2.5" HDD/SSD (like the U5), making it ideal and a lot neater for those recording large amounts (or downloading VOD locally). I installed a 256GB SSD initially, now replaced it with a 1TB SSD in my 4900 and it works quite well. Don't need to use internal storage for recordings, and neither a USB key. But in terms of CPU power, yes the X5/U5 have the advantage. But keep in mind that the X5 and U5 are newer, so there may be a few little glitches initially, but Buzz is addressing them quickly as they appear, as usual. The 4900 however is getting harder and harder to find. Buzztvglobal canada site no longer lists it, and neither on amazon canada (direct from buzz).
  7. I've been on this site (and others) way before I had this issue. I a number of buzz boxes (11 and counting) and they have been great at addressing any issues we find or features we ask for. A lot more than I can say about many other manufacturers. I noticed there was an update, but it was not a secret or any conspiracy theory, it was clearly stated that there was an issue with the 0624 firmware boxes. It was right there in the update announcement on Aug 11 firmware. If people have issues, they can always contact buzz Customer Service from the buzz web page. Depending on which site you go to, it either gives you an online form you can fill out, or an email address you can contact at.
  8. I happened to be one which was lucky enough to have an X5 with this firmware. I got the files listed in this post, made my own SD card, and installed it quite easily. It updates you to 20220811 firmware, but at that point the OTA updates are enabled/fixed, and the box will shortly after a reboot update to the latest. Go take a look at the video that is in the post. The only comment I would make on the video is: In the video at about the 2minute mark it shows the box with RED light, and shows it quickly switch to blue. In reality, that can take anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes before it turns blue and powers up. During this period DO NOT unplug it. I thought something had gone wrong with mine when I did it, but I waited. Be patient, it will eventually power up. It is a long 3 or 4 minutes when you are just staring at it, but it works well. Think about it, like someone forgetting the keys in the car. You need to find someway to get back in. It is inconvenient, YES. But there is a solution. It is not something that happens often. I have had Buzz boxes since the XPL3000 many years ago, and this is an isolated incident. It can happen.
  9. We are all end users like you (with few exceptions). But we don't need the drama. Security updates ? Really ? I still use boxes with Android 6 that have not had an update in ages, and have never had an issue. Do you do your banking on your media box ? This is not crappy windows os which leaves all the windows open And yes, many people are happy with what they have, and don't want to update or care for one. Many go by the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". And NO, Buzz does not necessarily have the info on all users buying the boxes. The majority are not sold through the buzz store. Often through 3rd party resellers, and from iptv resellers themselves. Not many companies would offer to swap the box or even fix it (their fault or not). You would be on your own, or "bring it to an authorized" service center. And how long does that take ? I recall even companies like Microsoft who had a known issue on their xboxes (red ring of death) due to a crappy design, and refused to do anything about it and it would always occur just out of warranty. Synology on all their 2015/2016 models (DS1515+, DS1815+, RS24156+, etc..) NAS servers, some well over $2000, had a design flaw which was caused by a bug in the Intel Atom C2000 CPU that they used and a design flaw. Did they offer advance exchanges? NO. You raise an RMA (assuming you are still under warranty), you flip the bill for shipping the unit back, and you may or may not get your unit back, they may eventually exchange it. And what was the fix ? A 5 cent resistor over 2 JTAG pins. Do you think they even provided the fix public ally ? Nope.. It was just the community who figured it out by comparing "fixed" and not fixed boards. Glitches and oversights can happen with the best of equipment. A company shines when they acknowledge an error. And offer a fix/replacement ay no cost to the user. Yes, you'd be without a box for a few days. Sh!t happens. If they offered an advance exchange, and asked for you to provide your CC to put a hold on it, to make sure you return the original box, You would probably whine about the "nerve" buzz has to do such a thing. You would not be happy no matter WHAT they do to try to fix the issue. You'd find something wrong with it. You got your box fixed, move on.
  10. If you are tech capable enough, then there is no point of going through the hassle of swapping out the box. It is longer for both Buzz and the End user. If user is completely tech zero, that is a different story. At least Buzz is not abandoning them (like I've seen many other companies do). And what would you recommend ? This is not a car, where I have a legal registry of all who purchased it, that I can send out a service bulletin. Many people don't even care about updates, and are happy with what they have. I have 2 xrs4900 boxes and I left one of them on firmware 4.0.xxx instead of upgrading to 5.0.xx branch (for over a year), simply because the "wife" - who is not tech savvy - was happy with the box as it is, and any changes were not often welcome by her. Should users experience an issue with their box, they would seek out help from customer support and would then be provided the required info. It is an unfortunate firmware glitch. It happens. I think Buzz has stepped up to the plate by fixing it, offering the files and instructions to those who can do it themselves, and offering an exchange to those who don't feel comfortable to do it themselves. Don't know what more you can expect from a $250 box. Not many companies step up to the plate like that. Actually Amazon was even worse when they got into an argument with google and pulled the play store from all of there devices a few years ago. Didn't all users pay to have a "true" android box with google services ? Oh, now without their consent, they found themselves with neutered devices. And took them ages to build up their "store".
  11. Going from memory, since I am not in front of my TV, but hit the "menu", "settings", "Configuration", and I believe it is the first option for LiveTV Player. depending on your version of software, it could say "Primary", "default", "Backup, "Secondary",etc.. there are 2 options. Select the other one of what is presently selected.
  12. Reality is, the source button is just a programmable button. You can program it to do anything you want. Unfortunately, your issue is that the implementation of a "source change" on your TV, requires you to press enter. This is not very common (at least not on the TVs that I have seen). If you can achieve a source change with a single button from your original TV remote, then you should be able to program that button on the ARQ-100. If you need more (like in your case, hitting enter), you would be out of luck. On most TVs, pressing the source button just cycles between the input without requiring additional confirmation from the remote. In some cases, it will show a menu which allows it to select inputs, and there is an auto timeout that if you stay on same selection for more than 2 or 3 seconds, it auto selects and switches to it. Does you original remote have a "quick" discrete button for switching to a specific input ? I know my old sharp TV had a source button (to switch between inputs), but also had 2 other buttons which were direct shortcuts (one direct for TV, and the other for HDMI1). Unless your TV has a single button switch option, I think you would be out of luck. UNLESS... If you don't use the TV power button (depending on habits - some people always turn TV on using TV remote, you can always program the "TV power" button, as the TV Enter key.
  13. Emporium

    Stuck on red light

    In the settings/remote section, click on the remote, and UNPAIR it. Then "add new device". When it starts searching, Simultaneously pressand hold the OK button and the HOME button for 4 seconds until it starts blinking. This puts the remote into pairing mode and the X5 should see it. Once it sees it, click on it with the mouse to pair it again.
  14. Emporium

    Stuck on red light

    I'm assuming you tried to unplug power, and replug it to reboot it ? So you are at the home screen, and the light is red ? Do you have another HDMI cable to try ? When you press buttons on the remote, is the RED LED on the remote coming on as you press buttons ? Have you tried pointing the remote towards the X5 to see if the IR is working (ie: maybe just the Bluetooth is unsync'd). Fresh set of batteries ? If you have a USB PC mouse lying around, can you plug it in and see if the box responds ?
  15. You should probably contact Buzz CS at cs@buzztv.com This is the first time I hear of this, but if it is a common issue, they should be able to help you. Maybe something to do with the fact that the xrs4500 originally shipped with a BT100, and maybe there is some assumption in the xrs4500 firmware that incorrectly assumes that any BT remote is a BT100 and forces some sort of flash on it.
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