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  1. go to file browser, local disk, android, media, buzzxr4000.tv, and your recording should be here. try to play via vlc and see what happens.
  2. try this file via usb if nothing works for you.
  3. Ryu

    won't power up

    little while ago my 4900 started to lock up, won't power off, if power off won't turn on. I had to reboot to make it work then problem again both wired and wireless. thats where I found it was my cec settings on 4900 was causing issue. then I turn off cec settings and ever since its been good. maybe you can give a shot to cec and leave it off on box and see if that helps.
  4. Ryu

    won't power up

    and my firmware is 20220923 and iptv version 5.0.907
  5. Ryu

    won't power up

    no issue here.
  6. Ryu


    have you tried with vpn?
  7. Ryu

    power light

    try turn ON cec settings and see if thats helps.
  8. Ryu

    power light

    post your cec settings info
  9. also, post your firmware and software info.
  10. have you reboot your box? try to turn off cec settings on box then try and see if that helps.
  11. Ryu

    Power off

    check your cec settings
  12. what other technique? make sure you inserting in right hole
  13. Ryu


    why open another thread?
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