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  1. Ryu


    sure. one of my frined has two 4900 and two arq 100's and working fine.
  2. https://buzztv.com/site/main-contact/ select registration option from drop down menu
  3. just incase if you have difficulty setup TimeShift just follow below instructions. 1. Connect your usb stick to any of USB port. (USB 3.0 works better) 2. Go to settings 3. Click storage 4. Click on your usb stick 5. You should see option erase and format as removable storage. So click on it. (If you dont see this option then format your usb first and once done dont use usb as a internal storage. Just click on move later and start from step 3 again. Now you should see erase and format as removable storage option. 6. Click format 7. Once done, now you should see usb as removable storage. 8. keep pressing back until you get to home screen 9. Now click live tv 10. While watching live TV press menu 11. Go to PVR 12. Go to PVR Options 13. Turn on Timeshift 14. Click Timeshift Cache Storage and select your USB and go back 15. Timeshift Cache Size (up to as much you want, 2 GB is good enough) 16. Download Storage select your USB 17. Now when you go to live TV and you should see TS option lid up on bottom right next to CC REC and HD info. If not press info button to see it in bottom right corner. 18. Now you should see white solid line on top of blue line indicating you can go back up to that time. You should be able to use pause and rewind function now. 19. If you dont see TS option in info bar that mean you won’t be able to rewind/pause this channel or stream
  4. in order to pause you need to add sd/usb card and setup Timeshift settings as far changing names, yes you can. you hav to go to files browser, find recordings in buzz folder and use editing functions there.
  5. Ryu

    Live TV

    clear cache and try to kill all the apps running in background
  6. Ryu

    ARQ 200 Series

  7. I leave mine on standby and just hit refresh from menu and works fine. sometimes I had to go channel up or down and that depends on some servers but most work fine with refresh.
  8. yes its still the same for me @ version 5.0.704
  9. have you checked in My Apps > Files > Images. I think pictures saved in images will give you an option to add/change background.
  10. it was on specs area which I copy/past but in pic is correct
  11. after posting original post I found that it says OS9 so I sent an email and got confirmation back today from team that they will fix it and just checked on buzz site and its fixed.
  12. maybe your provider need to lock to your isp so that way it won't work for people in Germany.
  13. BT-400 Smart Remote
  14. yes. new remote and awesome cool looking remote
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