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Freezing problems


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I put the latest version  of our firmware I check with my  iptv subscribers and everything is ok The problem is it always freeze and afterward it says buzz tv apps isnt responding  or I have to wait My connection is wired can somebody help me with this problem. Thanks 

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15 minutes ago, Nilo said:

It always freeze and there is a message buzz tv app is not responding 

You said "follow all your suggestions and now it works perfectly "...  Now it is not ?

When you say you have the latest version of firmware, can you post what firmware and buzzTV version you have ?  Should be able to find both in the "updates" screen.

At this point, if you gave tried everything else, I would say, you should probably consider a factory default reset

This is the reset procedure for an xrs4500, but it is identical for the 4900.



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Hi folks.. I have the same issue - freezing every 30 seconds when watching live TV. I have model X5 218AI connected via Ethernet. Internet speed test on my laptop with Ethernet (same wire) registers a 900mb DL speed. I cannot find the screen to switch media players as suggested in this thread - menu/settings/configuration doesn't reveal media player options. Can you tell me what the solution was to resolve the issue or other suggestions? New to Buzz TV so appreciate any help. Cheers!

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11 minutes ago, John T said:

oops - started happening again. I have checked it is on Backup video. now freezing on both videos. Also on two different tvs. wired and wireless. Any further suggestions?

install analiti from app store and check speed at box

if speed is good try a vpn

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Is your sub a MAC based sub, or XC API login (with portal, user/pass) ?   

If it is an XC API, you can always try to download the PC version of IPTV Smarters, install it on your laptop and see if the problem persists on the laptop.  Just another option for testing.



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54 minutes ago, John T said:

Holding my breath - VPN running and no freezing for 10 minutes. I am curious what effect a VPN will have.  And is there a cheaper one than I installed - VPN unlimited at $90 per year?

ipvanish has sales all the time

I pay less than $40 cdn/year

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Don't do VPN Unlimited for $90/year (that's overpriced).    I have VPN Unlimited and only because I had gotten a lifetime sub (not yearly) for $29 through stacksocial.  It works fine for my needs, but it is not worth $90/year.  Actually Stacksocial presently has it for $90/lifetime 🙂  I don't believe lifetime subs are sustainable, but at the price I had figured if I got a year, I was fine (and has been way longer than that).

ipvanish (as DU mentioned above), surfshark and even Windscribe offer regular sales (or promo codes if you search google), which are more attractive.

Stacksocial also has surfshark for USD$84 for 3yrs of service, which is a nice price also, or windscribe VPN Pro for USD$90/3yrs.







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