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Freezing problems

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I put the latest version  of our firmware I check with my  iptv subscribers and everything is ok The problem is it always freeze and afterward it says buzz tv apps isnt responding  or I have to wait My connection is wired can somebody help me with this problem. Thanks 

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15 minutes ago, Nilo said:

It always freeze and there is a message buzz tv app is not responding 

You said "follow all your suggestions and now it works perfectly "...  Now it is not ?

When you say you have the latest version of firmware, can you post what firmware and buzzTV version you have ?  Should be able to find both in the "updates" screen.

At this point, if you gave tried everything else, I would say, you should probably consider a factory default reset

This is the reset procedure for an xrs4500, but it is identical for the 4900.



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