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Using Ethernet when WiFi On don't Ethernet Speeds


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48 minutes ago, Blackmagic said:

All devices when Ethernet is connected disables WiFi unless initiated manually.

Look at your computer what happens when you connect a Ethernet cable it uses the speeds of the NIC card not the WiFi adapter.

is your computer android?

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14 hours ago, Blackmagic said:

@dishuser I am sorry this message is for the XRS4900 developers.

Are you a BuzzTV XRS4900 developer?

My box does the same thing but if you try and click on one of your wireless networks to connect to it it won't let you so you're still using your ethernet cord and they are aware of the issue because I have personally talked to one of the admin about this issue there's an update coming out soon

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46 minutes ago, Blackmagic said:

@allaboutbuzzare you a BuzzTV developer?

If you are please read all my posts and I took pictures to prove that Android NIC card speeds when WiFi is On when someone responding said the oposite!

I re read the posts

You can only use one or the other at the same time. 

Wifi or Ethernet. 


And all your pictures + video only show ethernet connected and WiFi not connected


So am not really sure what you're trying to do?

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@allaboutbuzz this is my original post "

When I connect a Ethernet cable and the WiFi is on and Not connected I only get Max 100MB and Not 1GB speeds.

If I turn WiFi off then I get 1GB Ethernet speeds. Can that be fixed with a update?"

My video shows a Android 5 Device having WiFi On and Connected to Ethernet and giving the Ethernet Speeds!

But when I had WiFi On and Not Connected but Connected to Ethernet on a 1GB Connection I only got Max of 100MB Speed. I will share a Video showing the XRS 4900 showing what I am saying

Here is the link XRS 4900 Speed test Using Ethernet when WiFi is turned On but Not connected to WiFi

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