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  1. it depends on what you plan on using boxes for you can see the lineup here https://buzztvglobal.com/ for iptv you need unlimited bandwidth and a speed of around 10 mb/s
  2. it's only available on home page
  3. dishuser


    go into settings/apps/system apps/google turn off notifications if problem persists clear data and cache
  4. that's not what nbs. posted nice try though
  5. so you don't know?
  6. I know that's why I didn't quote you or ask you
  7. and what version are you using?
  8. your box came with buzztv 4 and no promise to upgrade to buzztv 5 I'm disappointed in your point of view
  9. do you really think only one thing got fixed?
  10. if you email they won't get to it until at least monday(closed on weekends) you could pm allaboutbuzz
  11. maybe your attitude had them remove mac from ota updates...lol
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