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  1. in buzztv utilities turn off navigation bar
  2. no one has said the 4000 will not get buzztv 5
  3. I know what they're talking about and no posts have been made
  4. press server button on remote select xc api and add input url,username and password
  5. if you were using a username and password use xc api instead of mac
  6. you never answered my question
  7. when you go to remote/accessories and click on bt-200 does it show battery level?
  8. when in locked channels it lists all the ones I have locked and can switch to another category
  9. before you try that on next boot up press server button instead of live tv
  10. sounds like you might have to do a pin reset
  11. need more info what server option are you using?
  12. a site I belong to posts dozens of xtreme codes every day for over 3 years now
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