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  1. dishuser

    The Classic

    change theme at the bottom
  2. dishuser

    The Classic

    why would I lie?lol
  3. dishuser

    The Classic

    home page not main menu main menu is in live tv
  4. dishuser

    The Classic

    box isn't even truly functional when it's recording if it was the menu wouldn't look like this
  5. dishuser

    The Classic

    then you've never done a scheduled recording and shut box off because that's exactly what it does
  6. old? it's a lot newer than what you had live tv/menu/settings/check for updates
  7. buzztv has their own youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/BuzzTVGlobal/videos
  8. dishuser

    The Classic

    it goes to home screen so no bandwidth is used after the recording
  9. it's not advertised anywhere that I've seen that the remote has backlight for remotes that do have backlight it shows that in specs/details for those remotes
  10. I don't think the remote has backlight
  11. now my goal is to see it expire...lol
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