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  1. You can also use Video Player apps like Kodi or VLC or MX Player To play movies from a USB on the box itself. I personally do this all the time.
  2. Only the owners of the server can get into the channels server So am not sure where you're going with this?
  3. It actually just sounds like a server issue Where the channel isn't being streamed properly because the stream is just restarting itself. If this only happens on certain channels, then it is for sure a Server Issue.
  4. That is a very good speed test to use for IPTV.
  5. You can do a speed test on the box 2 ways 1. Open Chrome Browser and go to Fast.com 2. Download the Ookla Speedtest app from App store, and do a Speed Test that way.
  6. Thanks for this feedback It will be taken up with our supplier.
  7. Can you provide more information on this? As this doesn't give us much to go on, in order to help you.
  8. On next update we will only be showing the Server ID that is used to subscribe to servers in server settings To avoid this confusion from happening again.
  9. No problem Glad it works now.
  10. This normally happens everything we have Daylight Savings Time So just complain or wait till they fix it.
  11. It will always open to the last category + channel that you watched So say if you're in the Sports category, and you want to just stay in the ALL category Then go to the ALL category and select a channel from that category to start watching You will now just be on the ALL category always, unless you switch categories again.
  12. On 4000 when you're watching that channel with no sound Can you press the Green button The Subtitles and Audio menu will appear Under Audio do you have another option besides just disabled?
  13. Which Player are you using when this happens Default or Secondary?
  14. I responded to your PM asking for your Serial #
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