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  1. When we had daylight savings time earlier this year The box automatically changed the time for me when we went 1 hour ahead I never had to change anything on my side. It does this automatically the 2 times a year we change time.
  2. Is a feature we have in the works But is currently not available I do not have a date on this feature being added though
  3. You nailed it here We have looked at this already And it is a lot of work.
  4. It was provided by Amlogic So its a system app So they do not update it on the PlayStore. There are tons of other Miracast apps on the Playstore So am not sure which one to recommend
  5. If anyone wants to PM me about this issue So I can take a look at it directly Thanks
  6. The Display setting in Android settings is for Resolution It only determines automatically the best resolution your TV can support What you're referring to is Auto Frame Rate to match the content that you're currently watching We do not have this feature right now. Its something we plan to add at a later date though.
  7. This feature comes after we finish - Wake up to Record - Manual Recording + Multi Day Recording - Change Backgrounds on Home Screens - New VOD + TV Shows Menus - New Movie + TV Show Meta Data Which we should finish within the next few weeks.
  8. We don't make this app So don't have anything to upgrade to
  9. Try changing this setting From Home Screen Go to Settings Go to Advanced Settings Go to Picture Go to DNR Change it from Medium to OFF It should help resolve this issue If not, let me know Thanks
  10. This is for Buzz 5 on the 4900 The 4500 will get Buzz 5 in the future though
  11. If you could PM me the issues with the 3000 it would be appreciated Because as of right now, were unaware of any issues on the 3000 It was one of our best sellers with lots of positive feedback during the time we sold it.
  12. The issue with the version of Miracast app is its very old And with the newer phones + android versions that have come out over the years, am sure the protocols + apis etc are outdated I think we will consider removing Miracast in our next update, to avoid complaints and bad customer experience.
  13. This feature was just added internally this week actually It will be added to our next update for all 4 Home Screens.
  14. allaboutbuzz

    Buzz 4900

    categories/green button This only works on channel list Not on grid guide
  15. No date yet But within the next 3-6 weeks, but this isn't final
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