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  1. Yes there is a new updated version of the ARQ Remote A firmware update for the 4000s + 4500s + Sticks will be sent soon, to support this new version of ARQ Remote.
  2. I spoke to Kuul media today about this They did receive an email from you about this last night They will reply to you soon they told me
  3. You should email the seller then And mention that you already bought a stick They should be more then willing to provide a small discount to help with the shipping costs of the Ethernet Adapter. Am not sure how shipping prices work in the UK But here in Canada it would cost even more then 5.50 Pounds to ship that adapter, even for a business with a shipping discount.
  4. Here you go Should be added to Amazon soon as well https://buzztvglobal.com/collections/buzztv-boxes/products/usb-3-0-ethernet-adapter-usb-2-0-network-card-to-rj45-lan-for-vidstick-vidstick-windows-10-nintend-switch-ethernet-usb
  5. Under configuration menu of the Main Slide out Menu within Buzz 4 App Turn on Server Favorites This will save your favorites to the server you're using, if it supports it Rather then the internal database on 4000/4500 Just do a reboot after turning it on to activate it.
  6. I posted about this issue here As for backup favorites. Have you tried the Backup/Restore function in the Buzz Utilities menu?
  7. By the indicator spinning Am assuming you mean the loading circle in the middle of the screen? If so, have you tried just changing the channel when you see this? As it usually means the channel is down when you see that indicator spinning.
  8. If you're having scrolling issues on the remote when pressing buttons Email buzz Cs@buzztv.com They will assist you with fixing this.
  9. We have been testing a solution for a week now Once it passes internal testing, we will release it to Beta So far it hasn't failed internal testing.
  10. 1. What is the HDMI cable from the box connected to? The TV Directly? Soundbar? Stereo Receiver? Or are you doing the audio via an SPDIF connection using an optical cable? 2. You can also try to change the Audio Output setting within Android From the Home Screen Go to Settings icon Go to Advanced Settings Go to Digital Audio Format Usually it is set to Auto Try changing it to PCM See if that helps with your latency issue.
  11. Ok sorry Lets see if he replies
  12. What are you trying to connect exactly? Let us know so we can assist you further Or try the guide that nbs posted above this post.
  13. When on Full Screen Live TV If the channel you're using has catchup available Press the right arrow key on the remote This will take you to the Single EPG for that channel. And you will see the previous times and days which have the REW logo next to them These all have catchup You can also do the same by pressing the Guide button on the remote and going back in time on the Guide/EPG The same goes on the channel list If the channel has a REW logo next to it, press the right arrow key to view the Single EPG for that channel From here you can access all of the catch up recordings for that channel.
  14. This sounds like the issue To see if the server is having issues just type in the same server url into any web browser on your phone or computer and see if it loads for you.
  15. 1. Did you try my suggestion? If so, did it make a difference? 2. Try playing with the sound settings then under Android Settings From the Home Screen Go to Settings Go to Advanced Settings Go to Audio Output In this menu, there should be a setting that will pass-through the Dolby audio. 3. So just so I understand this better Recordings work on Buzz, but you cant access the portal?
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