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  1. Does it say Connected Underneath the Remote name in paired devices when you check?
  2. There is currently no higher version then Android 9 available for AOSP version on Amlogic devices running S905X2,X3,Y2 and 922X. Nvidia uses Android TV, which currently does have a higher version of Android, but that's because its Android TV. If you compare AOSP changes on 10 and 11 to 9 There are almost 0 benefits for TV boxes, its all for Phones.
  3. Yes Auto Frame Rate will be added to the 4900 + all other Buzz models running Android 9 on our next update Its currently being tested. It will be available through Buzz Utilities and work on the entire OS, not just the Buzz app.
  4. Currently this isn't possible As catch-up is already recorded for you by the server you're using.
  5. The fix sent recently for all 4500 MAX Fixes this Just check for updates.
  6. The recordings you can see listed. Is there a thumbnail for each of them? Or is just a blank thumbnail with a small grey logo?
  7. No we don't. We no longer give dates As there are no guarantees on the dates.
  8. When this happens Press the Green button on the remote and see if that channel has an audio track, if it just says its disabled. Then the channel is no longer streaming audio.
  9. Our next update You will be able to use an External Player for VOD/TV Series Default player that's pre installed already on Buzz 5 is VLC. We use LibVLC, which is VLC without the UI of VLC. And do not ask me when this update is available..lol As I have no current date for it.
  10. Passthrough in Plex for these codecs works fine on the 4900 We have tested this many times.
  11. In our office we have tried this on an LG sound bar and it worked via Optical/Spdif and HDMI I cannot guarantee this though, as everybody's setup is different. Our boxes are not licensed for Atmos or DTS HD.
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