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  1. Yes its best to Format via the 4900 itself Also it works best if formatted as external storage. I personally use a 1TB SSD on my 4900, works well.
  2. If you're referring to recording VOD or TV series We do not have this feature.
  3. Buzz 5 App Update Version 4.0.529 March 4th, 2021 Version 4.0.529 Changes: - Allow Back Button to close info bar first on channel list - Fixed a bug with a server not loading properly. The update will automatically install for All Users Or you can do the following. When in Live TV Press the Menu Button Select Check Update The Update will automatically download + install.
  4. I didn't like how you cant close the info bar though with back button So I fixed that today And will send out.
  5. We tried to tell them that Nobody was having it lol So now it works both ways
  6. We got many support calls and dealer requests to make it work this way. Is why we added it
  7. Users told us in feedback that the back button did not open up channel list When watching Full Screen Live TV This fixes it.
  8. Ok so it was a server related issue?
  9. How close are you to the box with the Remote when you're trying to pair? It helps to be at least within 1-3 feet of the box when you're trying to pair the remote.
  10. Which player are you using on STB Emu Pro that is not giving you this problem?
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