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  1. The way we do updates is we send them to boxes based on the Firmware Version # they're currently running Since X5s running 20220624 cannot properly take OTAs, we leave those out when sending updates. That is why, when you check for updates on the X5 and you're running 20220624 It says No Update Available or Up to Date. I believe you also have an Email Ticket with us through cs@buzztv.com And we offered a few solutions to you for your issue. I'm not sure why you're continuing with this on our Forums
  2. Latest update Oct 3rd, 2022 V774 Changes: - Fixed a TV Series bug with missing Episodes - Fixed a bug when powering back on into Live TV
  3. Didn't forget Just the first batch of SD cards we bought were no good Waiting to receive more We should be shipping it this week to you
  4. Great to hear that And were glad to help
  5. We will look into this and report back Thanks for bringing it to our attention
  6. We don't block URLs on our apps And made no changes to the app that would cause it not to connect. So am not sure why the url won't work for you on that box. But at least another URL does work now.
  7. Did you try changing the password? Is there a country lock on the account by chance? Are you using VPN?
  8. How are you powering the HD5? With the power supply it came with or your TVs USB Port?
  9. Did you try resetting their MACs on the panel? Or changing them to something else on the panel and changing it back. Then try to connect?
  10. Open Single EPG On a channel with catch-up When you browse Catch-up There will be a color button option that says Download on the bottom left. If its not there, then your server doesn't allow downloads of catch-up. Make sure you have download storage setup in PVR options menu as well. It only works to USB/SD or Internal Hard Drive. We added this feature in early 5.0.7xx versions.
  11. Ask whoever you subscribe with to reset your Mac on their side. After doing that, it should connect to the server.
  12. Latest update Sept 28th, 2022 V772 Changes: - Fixed a bug on Backup Player not automatically playing the next TV Episode in VOD/TV Series. - Fixed a crash bug on Backup Player. - Fixed an XML EPG Bug on XC Login/M3U. Sent to all users on Beta from Android 9 The update will automatically download + install. Or you can do the following When in Live TV Press Menu Go to Settings Select Check Update.
  13. VLC is pre installed on the box You can use it to play local video files from USB/SD Card and Hard Drive etc This includes recordings
  14. We made no changes that would affect playback of PVR recordings. Have you tried playing them on VLC?
  15. Do you mean Catch-Up? Or PVR Recordings?
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