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  1. Just PM me your MAC I can send you our latest Buzz 5 App Update.
  2. Update was sent to you with this fixed.
  3. Were testing Firmwares this week for 4500s and 4900s with this fixed.
  4. Buzz 5 downloads the channel + epg + vod + tv series lists when it connects to the server of XC login As that is how XC login was designed to work Buzz 4 does it differently, but XC Login would kick users off for too many requests when loading EPG and channel lists etc So we changed the APIs to work the way XC login is designed to do. You can stay connected to the server for weeks at a time if you want, that way it doesn't have to load the server each time.
  5. Are you using XC login or MAC or M3U server?
  6. 128GB We haven't tried anything higher than this So not sure if it will work.
  7. what app version + firmware version are you using?
  8. PM me your MAC As this was fixed already And what do you mean by add CC to VOD and Live TV? CC only works if server provides it.
  9. allaboutbuzz


    If you download it from the Playstore it will download + install the correct version But if you're getting it from here https://kodi.tv/download/android 32 Bit version is the one you want.
  10. Am one who answered the ticket with that information about the weather service So no need to PM me about it.
  11. Sorry I realized we removed that from PVR options as it wasn't working properly. If you have scheduled recordings and leave the box on the Home Screen It will automatically record them in the background, and stop using Internet once the recording is finished. And yes, if just on the Home Screen or open to another app like YouTube and not watching any videos The box should not use any internet bandwidth or much at all really. It will once you press the Live TV Button.
  12. In PVR Options There should be a feature called Auto Shut Off If turned ON, it should turn the box back off once its done recording. This feature is still being worked on fully though on the 4500s and 4900s However if you setup a scheduled recording and the box is in standby, it usually just boots to the Home Screen and records in the background. So once the recording is finished, it stays on the Home Screen and no Internet is being used by Live TV. The Shut Off feature in the Configuration menu, is just to disconnect Live TV As users requested this feature to save internet bandwidth in case they fall asleep.
  13. Are there any icons/thumbnails showing what you recorded? If not, I think you have a permissions issue with storage When on the Home Screen Go to Settings Scroll down to Apps Select see all apps Find Buzz 5 Click on Permissions Make sure Storage is turned ON Turn it ON When you reopen PVR Your thumbnails should appear now, and your recordings should be able to be played back.
  14. It's Android 11 Not 9. Please fix it Thanks
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