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USB drive not connected

Innocent Kamwa

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I have two U5 special editions with 32GO+ 1TB HDD. One has got its HDD disconnected (don't know why/how). Now it is unable to reconnected at reboot.  A side-effect of that is that gogle play is no able to instal applications du to lack of memeory even if the internal drive memory has 26Go left.

What should I do? The disk is not longer visible at all in buzzTVutilities (Disk-Format). Not that I don't have any data on this drive so far.

Thank you

Innocent Kamwa

Longueuil, Québec

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Biggest question is, ARE YOU using the 12V power supply that came with the U5, or are you using an existing 5V power supply that most other Buzz units typically use ?  I know many people assume that the power supplies are the same, but they are not.  Most buzz boxes use 5V, with the exception being the 4900 and and U5 which have HDDs, hence the 12V power supplies.   The 5V power supply will power the box, but will have issues with the drive.



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