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Controlling your box has never been easier with our new BT-250 Remote. Designed to be stylish, ergonomic, and also runs on AA batteries that give 2.5x longer life.

The BT-250 also includes a motion tracking air mouse.  This gives you ultimate control in games, apps, and navigation.

Bluetooth pairing allows for greater range. No need to aim the remote either, the BT-250 will work without needing to point the remote at the box.

The BT-250 includes the ability to source pair to your TV. This lets you control your TVs Volume, Input Source, and Power On/Off. As well as 4 programmable colour buttons.

This Remote Control Is Compatible with ALL BuzzTV Boxes and Other Android Devices (Not all buttons will work with other Android boxes) 

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38 minutes ago, Ajs007 said:

We need remote pairing instructions for this remote to program it for tv.

The only buttons that are programmable on this remote are the 4 buttons at the top (TV Power, Input selection, VOL+, and VOL-).  And in reality, they are just "learning buttons", so you need your original remote to program them.

Pretty sure the instructions here, can be used.  Instructions are mostly for the BT100, but you can repeat the same instructions to program the VOL+ and VOL- buttons.  But keep in mind that these buttons are for IR only, so you will need to point to your TV (like with your original remote - you will not suddenly have bluetooth features on your TV).



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39 minutes ago, Benfica said:

Dishuser have u tried it on a U5 ? 

I just tried it on my U5 and it seems to work perfectly fine.

Was a little picky to pair, but one I unpaired the BT400 and cycled the BT on/off, it paired without a problem.  All seems to work as expected including the mouse pointer.



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Just received my BT-250 today, and I find that when using the air mouse I can open different settings windows, but when I press the back button to leave it doesn't respond. I have to press the mouse button and turn it off before the back button will work. It seems that when the air mouse is active none of the arrow keys work either. 

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