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Reset my XRS4500 and it automatically updated to BuzzTV 5


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I was having issue with my BuzzTV XRS4500 running BuzzTV 4, they were software related issues such as lagging, and the app taking up too much storage space. I been meaning to reset it for some time but waited till a good chance.  I finally did a factory reset 2 weeks ago. To my amazement, the box downloaded Buzz TV 5 client, This was not my goal but I guess some how it was finally released from beta.  It looks different than buzztv 4, some features work much better including the rewind live tv and the recording capabilities.  So far it gets my thumbs up.

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I have a buzz TV 4500 it’s starting to act up when I go to lie TV and push the channel it just stays blank. The TV channel will not come in when I go to movies and click on any of the movies and says live stream not available.

i’ve tried resetting the box by unplugging the power for a couple of minutes and re-plugging it in. It has not changed anything.

I did a check for updates it’s updated. I checked the Internet. It’s hooked up to the Internet.

I even unhooked my Internet modem for five minutes, plugged it back in waited five minutes and then unplugged my buzz 4500 box and plugged it back in and still did not work

somebody should jested I should do either a factory reset or a hard factory reset can anybody confirm if this will fix the issue? And what are the steps I need to do to do either one of these factory resets











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