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**NEW** Official X5 Firmware + Buzz 5 App Update - September 22nd, 2022


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X5 Firmware + Buzz 5 App Update September 22nd, 2022

20220919 Firmware Version
5.0.766 Buzz 5 App Version



Firmware Changes:

- Added support for ARQ200/220/250 Remotes
- Added HDMI CEC settings and Max Volume Shortcut Buttons to Buzz Smart Remote App
- Updated OTA app

Buzz 5 Version 5.0.766 Changes:

- Fixed PVR bugs that would cause recordings to end early on Multi Connection Accounts (XC Login/M3U)
- Optimized PVR for better performance.
- Fixed decoder issue.
- Fixed a rare crash in Backup Player when active cc/audio track was changed by user.
- Fixed a bug on Modern with favorite app icons disappearing.
- Fixed a bug when changing locations with Weather Settings in Buzz Utilities.
- Fixed TMDB Meta Data bugs in VOD/TV Series on some servers.



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Just updated and lost bt function on my bt400 remote, says "connecting" at the smart remote app. I tried factory resetting the remote and it won't pair using the add bt device.

I held the info button for 4 sec until the ""pair your Bluetooth remote" screen poped up and did the home+enter and it just says "status: scanning" 

The remote is set in front of the box about 1ft away when doing all this. 

I can't use my x5 now

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13 minutes ago, Anglishplz said:

I got it, I had to hold home + enter for at least 30 seconds and not 4 seconds as the manual states.

you don't need to hold them that long

you just need to wait for the remote to show up in top right corner

fyi I never use the buttons I just add accessory and bt-400 shows up in top right corner

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5 minutes ago, Anglishplz said:

I had the same trouble when I set it up for the first time but couldnt remember how i got it to pair. mine must be a lemon. I HAVE to hold it for at least 30 second's

Mine will not pair through the add remote/accessory

if it's already listed in remotes/accessories but not showing connected or battery level unpair it first

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Everyone should be able to get this via standard OTA update.

Only time this would not come through is if you have the 20220624 firmware.  In that case, there is no option but to use a microSD card and some way to transfer the files to the microSD card (PC is the easiest, but other methods could work also) to upgrade from 0624.


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