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ARQ 200 Series


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Are any of these 200 series remotes available to purchase separately at the moment from any of the legit buzz sources ?

I've seen the ARQ-200 now being offered as part of bundle deals with boxes, but I have not seen it sold on it's own yet.



I have seen one site only which seems to offer the ARQ-200 and 250, but not sure how legit it is, since it also promote some iptv services (so I will not post it here).

Do we have any more details (or manuals) for the ARQ-200/220 or 250 ?

Are the colored buttons on these remotes also transmitted over the RF/USB dongle (and supported by the current boxes) ?  Or are they programmable IR only as with the typical mx3 clone style remotes (that look similar) that you can find all over amazon ?





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Just now, nbs. said:

I've noticed channel up/down doesn't work in full guide It works as page up/down. You still have the arrows around the ok button to go up/down one channel

Isn't that the same as the usual Buzz remotes ?  That was a welcome change from a while back. No ?


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6 minutes ago, dishuser said:

same happens using bt-200 and 400

That was one of "my" most appreciated features, since I really did not like the PGdn/PGup button on the bottom corners.  It was a little inconvenient. 

I have gotten so used to the CH+/CH- acting as PG+/PG- when you are in channel listing mode and epg mode.

I also found that it was a little non-intuitive before, to have CH+ (up on the CH rocker button) scroll down on the channel listing (since they are typically in ascending order from top/down).  and then CH- (down on the rocker button) scroll upwards on the listing.   Maybe I am just wired differently 🙂 

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46 minutes ago, sea157 said:

So far I have found nothing the mic works for on the ARQ250.

I do like the backlite feature on it though.

I have been looking for a manual for it without any luck finding one.

I have a few versions of the MX3 remote clones which are very similar to these (maybe even identical).   

I never got the MIC to work on any device (I have tried on a few Buzz boxes, Beelink boxes and even my Mii Box 3 units).  Never tried it on a PC though.  I really didn't care, since I am a little old school for that.  I tried them only out of curiosity.  I even turn off the voice commands on my phone, since it annoys me,

Even though the remote looks nearly identical to the MX3 clones, it seems like Buzz has customized it for themselves.  A few buttons have been renamed/relocated, and looks like they have removed/disabled the IR programmable keys, and relabelled the buttons with the way they have probably want them to work with their boxes (to match the mapping they probably expect.  

If you really want some sort of manual, this one would be pretty close since it is a generic manual for these remotes (Standard, Standard with Mic, Backlight, Backlight with Mic)


But keep in mind that the buzz remote has been customized, so the "learning" features are probably disabled since they have probably been preprogrammed to work with Buzz boxes.

It's a simple 2.4Ghz airmouse style remote.  I don't understand, what you expect from a manual for this.  Is it some specific feature/option you are looking for, or that needs clarification ?



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Sorry.. Thread is named "200 Series" and link provided by Ryu in first post takes you to the whole 200 Series page, which includes the 200, 220 and 250.

But no worries.  250 will go specifically in 250 thread 🙂

Should probably add folder for the "200 Series" under Remotes, and then have subfolders for each model under that if we want to keep it clean.  Right now, this is all under the ARQ100 folder.



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