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3 hours ago, Andy said:

Hi, running both Tivimate and the native player.....Formatting my USB memory stick, which format should I use...does it really matter?  Seems like either will work ,   just wondering ......thanks!

FAT32 has capped sizes on File Size, I think its about 4GB

Its best to format the Drive as NTFS or EXFAT.
This can be done on any computer.

If its just a USB Flash Drive, then format it on the computer.


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FYI.......So, I formatted the stick to NTFS on my PC, then stuck it into the XRS4000 and formatted it using the built-in utility.   Now Tivimate doesn't see the stick.  It did before, when it was formatted to FAT32.

Put the stick back on the PC and  Windows can't read it, says it needs formatting.  Buzz seems to have its own formatting method.


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Tried a 256GB USB not too long ago. 

NTFS is not recognized and I see no option to format on the device. 

FAT32 is recognized but 4GB file limit, even it gives me full 276GB storage capacity. 

ExFAT works perfectly for me but give me 256GB file capacity. 

You need good storage for recordings with this unit. A 6 minute recording just cost me 80MB and that was an HD stream. Will try one of the FHD streams to see how big the same 6 minute file is

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Ntfs is the format the drive should be formatted to but you can only record from the Buzz live tv app you cannot record from no other app that you installed on the box the recording can only be done from the Buzz app so you cannot record from Tvmate or from no other app only the Buzz app 

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