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Pairing BT100 remote and XRS4500/XR4500 keeps Un syncing from the box /tv

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So I recently got this box and the first day I synced the remote without struggle but I noticed after a while the remote started to un sync and the buttons would no longer work. I followed the steps again to sync the remote and it is no longer syncing I’ve tried these same steps i did yesterday but the only buttons that seem to work are the power and source . Is there a way to troubleshoot the remote or anything I need help ASAP  

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12 minutes ago, nbs. said:

Even if it's not paired remote should still work as a IR remote

Go to remote and accessories and unpair the remote then try to pair it again

none of the buttons are working but power and source , they are the only two that turn blue when pressed. I don’t think initially paired it correctly by going to settings and pairing it so maybe that’s why i un synced . Now I’m following the steps multiple times . First starting with entering learning mode, syncing 2-3 keys then short pressing tv power + source to exit learning mode . I’ve done this about 6 times and the remote refuses to work . I’m not sure what to do if I can’t use the remote on the box to get on settings and sync it

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5 minutes ago, nbs. said:

Unplug the buzz for a few minutes Power back on and see if remote works

Unfortunate you will likely have to do a reset and remote may work fine after

If not you will have to contact buzz

Is there a number or email that I can contact buzz on?

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