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Guide offset not changing anything?

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BuzzTV 5 does an auto adjustment between your timezone and the timezone provided by the EPG server.

For BuzzTV 4, it can be tricky to get it right.  When you change offset, you sometimes have to select "Clear EPG" to force it to redownload it.  And I found that sometimes it help to Change offset, Clear EPG, and then long press the "back" key to exit the BuzzTV 4 app.  Then relaunch it.  Sometimes a "clear cache" before restarting also help. 

However once it is fixed, it works fine.  It is unfortunately a little picky.

But like Ryu mentioned, on the xrs4500, why not upgrade to BuzzTV 5.  It runs quite well on the 4500.  It's a no brainer.

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35 minutes ago, nbs. said:

Not all boxes can

Agreed, but he did post in the 4500 section.  So I am "assuming" he has a 4500 🙂

Aren't all the 4500 boxes capable of it ?  Can probably get it using the "2015" method.


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Just now, TeknikL said:

it says no updates available how can I update it to buzztv 5?

link to method?


From the updates screen, where is shows you the Firmware and Software Version.  and from there on your remote, type 2015 (you won't see anything while you type however).  

Your device will either update to BuzzTV 5, or you will get a message that "no beta is available" or something like that.  Disregard the "beta" message since BuzzTV 5 has been out of beta for ages 🙂  If you get the message that is not available you have 2 choices.

1.  You can try a hardware reset of the box.  It has been known that many 4500 will automatically update to buzzyv 5 after a hardware reset.


2. Send your MAC info to allaboutbuzz and he can add your box to the list to get an OTA update to BuzzTV 5


BuzzTV 5 on the 4500 runs like a charm  you'll wonder why you did not upgrade earlier 🙂



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