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**NEW** Buzz 5 App Update - Version 935 - June 5th, 2024


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V935 - June 5th, 2024


SENT TO ALL BUZZ 5 USERS on Android 9 and 11 Devices.


- Added extra characters to English keyboard in search
- Updated weather API key on Modern Home Screen. To Fix Weather not Available error.
- Fixed Fast Codes Bugs for XC 
- Clicking on a channel in search now opens info bar instead of channel list
- Added password eye to "unlock channel" dialog
- Added Back button Icon to Fav Groups
- Minor Bug Fixes
- Added Cyrillic Keyboard support to Search
- Changed EPG to support -14 and +14 days of EPG and Catch-up. The server must support it to work. 14 Days will now be stored in the EPG Database.
- Adult VOD no longer appears in the All Category + Search
- Fixed missing descriptions on VOD
- Fixed Navigation issues when scrolling through grid epg into the future times
- Fixed a bug with TMDB in VOD
- Added TMDB ID support to VOD & TV Series. If the server supports it. 
- Fixed a bug when changing Audio Tracks on Primary Player
- Fixed Catch-up wouldn't play the next program properly after finishing 
- Fixed a crash when press TV series on remote and the current server doesn't have series
- Fixed a rare crash in catch ip when server doesn't provide an info about when the recording starts and ends
- Fixed a rare crash in Audio/CC menu
- Fixed a crash in backup menus when user doesn't select anything to backup or restore
- Fixed a rare crash on XC servers when account is inactive
- Fixed a crash on MAC servers when server doesn't send user time zone to the app
- Fixed a crash (all servers) when user enters an invalid url
- Fixed a crash when the app checks if network connection is available and the app doesn't have required permissions



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1 hour ago, Gary9 said:

I have an Android 11 box and I haven't receive the update

Please stick to one thread for support.  You already have your own thread started for the same issue.

FYI: Email support with the info that Ryu mentioned in that thread.  They'll get you sorted out.


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3 minutes ago, Jedab said:

I also have the x5 128 with android 11 and did not receive this update.

how would I be able to get this update and install it?

thank you


What version are you currently running?

When in Live TV, Press Menu
You will see the Version # listed on the bottom


You can also check for updates manually by pressing

Check Update.

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25 minutes ago, Jedab said:

Version 5.o.727 

‘updated 06/24/2022

when I check for updates the message is

rither no update available 


running the latest firmware for my X5 128AI

Current Firmware Version V20220624

Current IPTV Version 5.0.727

last time checked tue, 18 Jun 2024 12;52

V20220624 was unfortunately a bad firmware, since it had an accidental bug, that it would no longer take updates 😞  It unfortunately happens.

There is a way to flash it manually using a microSD card (no it can't be done using a USB stick).

Check out this thread:


And check out my comments at the time which I had made for those doing the update themselves



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2 hours ago, Emporium said:

i feel comfortable updating my box with the files on an sd card but the link brings me to an empty folder.

is there a way to get the 3 files so i can put them on the sd card to do the update?

thank you

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Here are the files to use.
Basically, unzip and need to put the 3 files onto the root of an SD Card (not in a subfolder)
The SD Card must be min 2GB, no bigger than 64GB
Formatted to FAT32

Originally on:


Reuploaded here:


It will reset your box, but it will take it to 20220811 FW, which from there can get all Future OTAs

Here is the How To Video for it as well


The only comment I would make on the video is: In the video at about the 2minute mark it shows the box with RED light, and shows it quickly switch to blue.  In reality, that can take anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes before it turns blue and powers up.  During this period DO NOT unplug it.  I thought something had gone wrong with mine when I did it, but I waited. Be patient, it will eventually power up.  It is a long 3 or 4 minutes when you are just staring at it, but it works well.
Be patient.  Do not reset the box, even if it looks lifeless 🙂

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13 minutes ago, dishuser said:

I'm at 80% of last file

what a waste of time

Sorry buddy.. I just got in from the office and I realized I already had them on my mediafire account, all I did was move them to my public share directory. 

And being in the original ZIP file, you can easily tell if there was any corruption in the file during download, since it would flag it when unzipping it.





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2 hours ago, dishuser said:

they were never posted compressed

Agreed.  But when I had downloaded from MEGA initially, I downloaded the "folder" by clicking "Download as ZIP", so mega compresses it into a zip file (and names it after the directory name) to download a single file.  I had kept it like that in my archives, and then at one point I had uploaded it to my mediafire account for a few colleagues.

Since I know the ZIP file is intact and the files in it I have been used a few times for updating boxes, leaving it in ZIP format ensures the integrity of the files also.  Just an additional measure to ensure no corruption during download.  If the file gets corrupted during download, CRC would not match and any decent zip handler would flag it.

Sure, call me paranoid, but last thing anyone needs for a "flash" file is a corrupted binary 🙂  

@Jedab keep us posted on how it goes.




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I put the sad card in, held down with a toothpick the reset thing, plugged it in while still having the reset thing pushed. It went black on the tv screen and the red light was on. After about 15 minutes of nothing I unplugged it. Waited for a count of 20 and plugged the power back in. The light is red and the tv says no signal. I know the problem was me

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