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Power station coming


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No one except buzz can answer that as the testers have not received their boxes yet.

I doubt they would make any drastic changes to server settings as they have been pretty much the same since buzz 2

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8 hours ago, TonyC said:

Great, I'll bombard them with questions! Haha!

Maybe if they could upload images and/or video, of the user interface.

Thanks NBS, appreciate your time.

you can also subscribe Buzztv channel. they post videos 🙂



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15 minutes ago, stdly said:

I have a BuzzTV XR4500 and I only use it for IPTV and Kodi for local network files. Wow I could not spend $499 for an upgrade?

Oh, you can !!!  But should you is a different story 🙂  

Different people have different needs.  And some people love their toys.

The 4500 and 4900 boxes have aged well.  They were and still are pretty nice boxes.  As a matter of fact, I have many of the newer boxes (X5, U5, Classic, etc..) but my 2 main boxes are still my xrs4900 boxes.  

Keep in mind that this and the X5 SS will come with BuzzTV 6, so will come with a bunch of new features.  Can't wait to try it out.

I'd be very surprised if BuzzTV 6 is released to the series 4 boxes (Android 9).  Maybe, eventually to some Series 5 (Android 11), but even there, not 100% sure.  We'll have to see what Buzz surprises us with.


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