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Bt 400 remote not responding


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My suggestion..  Go back to basics.

Factory reset remote. Obviously you will then need to re-pair the Bluetooth aspect of the remote (remote is IR capable when BT is not paired).

Do not re-program the remote for your TV.  Then from home screen, Settings->BuzzTV Utilities->Volume Control and turn off "force max volume" so the volume is controlled by the remote/box.  Set your TV volume (using TV remote) to mid point.

Now technically your remote should control the box only.  Variable volume, channels, etc...  TV power, source and tv volume is controlled by your TV remote.  Now, once all tht is confirmed working, you can go ahead and try to reprogram the remote.

Personally, since my setup is quite simple (only TV and Buzz box), I don't bother with programming the remote.   TV source never changes, so don't care for that.  TV Volume I leave at just about 60% and then everything else is controlling the box with it's own remote.  With  the box having variable volume (if you turned off "Force max volume" option) will allow you to control the output level of the box.  So in my case at least, no programming of the remote and all I need to do, before plopping my butt on the couch, is to touch the power button on the TV itself and everything else is controlled by the box🙂

Remote manual can be found here if you need to know how to factory reset it:






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you don't use the mouse to change channels

either press guide button

or channel up/down buttons

or ok button to open up category and press page up/down buttons or channel up/down buttons

or after pressing ok button press left arrow button to change the category

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