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**NEW** Official E5 Firmware + Buzz 5 App Update - Feb 22nd, 2024


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New Update for E5
Feb 22nd, 2024

Firmware V20240202 Changes:

- Added Network Share Feature to Buzz Utilities
- Added New Auto Frame Rate Feature to Buzz Utilities- Updated to Latest SDK
- Fixed Wifi Bugs
- Fixed Suspend Feature in Power Off Options.
- Updated preinstalled apps- Fixed a bug with HDMI Passthrough on 5.1 and 7.1 Audio
- HDMI CEC a bug was fixed affect a few TV brands
- HDMI CEC settings menu was reconfigured layout and added a secondary Virtal CEC ( for older TV's or TV's that do not have proper HDMI levels )
- Fixed Server Button on Remote Controls not working from the Home Screen.
- Added Improvements to AFR

V919 Buzz TV 5 App

- Added New Fav Groups Feature to Live + VOD + TV Series- Added New Backup/Restore Feature to Configuration Menu- Added 9 New Languages to Configuration Menu
- Added more Aspect Ratio Options to Subtitles and Options Menu (Green Button)- Fixed a bug on Backup Player not automatically playing the next TV Episode in VOD/TV Series
- Fixed Password Lock Feature for Adult Content on VOD + TV Series- Fixed a TV Series bug with missing Episodes
- Fixed a bug when powering back on into Live TV- Fixed a bug for servers with 10,000+ Channels- Fixed a crash bug when changing categories/channels
- Fixed a bug on MAC Servers getting stuck on loading channel list.- Fixed some XC Login API bugs.- Fixed a bug with Date/Time on Modern Home Screen
- Fixed a bug with Catch-Up not working past one day on some servers- Fixed a bug on missing EPG Descriptions on some servers
- Fixed a bug when hiding All Categories and not being able to get any categories back
- Optimized App Performance.
- Updated MAC to FAST EPG API
- Optimized EPG for MAC + XC Login Servers
- Fixed a bug with some XC Login Servers getting False Error after logging in
- Fixed a bug with Ethernet Icon saying Connected on Home Screen when using Wifi
- Fixed a Restore Bug 
- Fixed a bug with Ethernet Icon saying Connected on Home Screen when using Wifi
- Minor Bug Fixes
- Fixed an EPG bug in Channel list, underneath Channel Name
- Fixed some crashes
- Fixed missing Movie Trailers on VOD
- Fixed a crash with Scheduled Recordings.
- Fixed a bug on MAC servers not locking Adult Channels in the All Category of Live TV
- Optimized EPG Loading for MAC Servers that don't use Fast EPG API
- Fixed Search by Channel Number when group numbering turned on
- Minor Bug Fixes
- Fixed a rare crash when changing sort option in Radio
- Updated TMDB API, fixed a minor issue caused by the recent TMDB API changes
- Fixed Fav Channel Group renumbering issue
- Fixed a Playback bug on HLS Streams
- Fixed a bug when unhiding categories in Organize Categories
- Fixed a Menu Highlight Bug on the last category of VOD Home.
- Fixed a Recording bug on M3U with 2+ Connection
- Fixed an XC Login XML EPG Bug
- Fixed a bug with missing Movie/TV Posters on VOD + TV Series
- Added Channel Rename Feature to Fav Groups
- Fixed bug with EPG missing underneath channel names in channel on XC login
- Fixed a recording bug on some codecs. 
- Added Fast Login to XC Login in Configuration and Server Settings
- Added Stream Format + EPG Type to XC Login in Server Settings
- Added Radio section to XC Login Servers which have Radio Categories in Live TV
- Improvements made to Timeshift via USB

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4 hours ago, Danfog said:

my E5 is unable to install the update ... just goes to blue screen then back to previous screen... rebooted and powered down multiple times.. no result . 

Have not performed factory reset.. 


Try this

Go into Settings

Go to see all apps

Scroll down to show system apps

Find Buzztv ota

Open it and clear app data


Then try the OTA again

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