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back up versus primary Video player setting


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I have been using primary for live TV since I received my X5. It was the way the unit was setup at the factory

I  understand from reading in the forum that backup is the recommended setting. for live TV. and primary for Recording and Time shift.

I have not recorded any programs nor do I use time shift. 

However every time I try to switch to backup rather than primary for live TV the picture shrinks down to about 1/8 of screen size and is situated in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Any suggestions on what to do to have the picture go to full size when I switch to backup.



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  • Rover1 changed the title to back up versus primary Video player setting

Why would you want to switch if it all works ?

When switching to secondary, before you back out of the menu, give it about 5 seconds.  I did notice that sometimes if you back out too quickly it will do as you mention since it starts to stream just as you are switching from one screen to another, so it glitches.  Other option is if you do find yourself with the small screen, then long press the back button, to exit the BuzzTV app, and then enter again and it should be full screen again and the backup player should be still selected and used.

But I really don't understand why you would want to switch, if it works fine already 🙂


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8 hours ago, Rover1 said:

there are times that I have freezing which makes the programs unwatchable.

Like nbs said, it is typically a server issue.  However it can also be a crappy network.  Crappy WiFi, or even a crappy router (basic issue ISP routers are often pure junk), which can't handle a steady stream over long periods of times and they hiccup.  Browsing web pages does not tax any decent router.  But running a steady stream for hours, can often overwhelm many cheap routers, and cause the occasional freezing of the stream as it resets its internal stacks.

To avoid as many glitches as possible, I have my own pfsense firewall appliance as a router (my ISP modem is in Bridge mode so acting as a dumb modem), and have 3 enterprise grade WiFi access points at home.  And even then, all but one of my boxes is hardwired.  Do I occasionally get a glitch or 2 ? sure.. But that is often just the server itself.   There is no 100% perfect server out there.  They all have their issues from time to time.


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