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Can't get HDMI-CEC to work


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I am struggling to get HDMI-CEC to work. I want to be able to power on/off my TV using the Buzztv remote.

I have enabled CEC Switch on the XRS4900 but it is still not picking up my Samsung TV (55” QN94A Neo QLED 4K HDR Smart TV 2021)

I've also tried enabling CEC on the Samsung TV to see if that helps, but still nothing.

Are there any tips or tricks you can recommend?

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what option do you have ON in CEC settings on your box?

some tvs have specific port for cec behind tv. make sure you are on correct port.

It's ok, I figured it out. You need to use the "Learning Remote Feature" on the remote itself and program the TV buttons, using the existing TV remote.

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For anyone reading this in the future, if you are using the remote supplied with the XRS4900 (the BT-200 remote) and want to use the power, source and volume up or down buttons at the top of the remote to control your TV, you need to use the "Learning Remote Feature". Instructions are on the back of the remote but are quite hard to read.

You can also find the instructions here: https://buzztv.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/BuzzTV-BT-200-Remote-Manual.pdf


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Using the Learning Remote Feature bypasses the CEC settings of the box. There is a software issue with the Android 9 in the XRS4900, I see it on multiple units.

The CEC will turn off the Samsung but not back on. The Android 11 on the other boxes works because there is a separate setting for TV off ,TV on.

I have notified Buzz concerning this issue.


When you use the BT-200 or BT-250 and program the codes or learn the codes of the TV, CEC does not work since the remote has sent a signal to the TV to Turn Off or On.





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If you are using a BT200 (best remote Buzz ever made), I see no reason to even use CEC 🙂

Once you program the keys on the learning remote, you will have the Green button to turn the box on/off.  And red button to turn TV on/off.  You will even have a TV Source button if you want (or you can program it to anything else you want if you don't care for that option - I programmed it to my TVs sleep timer - press once, 30 minutes, twice 60, etc..), and you will have VOL+/- on top for the TV volume, and you have the separate volume for the box (disable the Force max volume option). 

I don't bother with CEC.  I turn it off, just set the TV volume to about 60% and then just use the separate TV and STB power buttons (RED/GREEN) to turn the box and TV on/off, and then control everything from the buzz box.

Trying to complicate things with CEC.. What for....to save 1 extra click of a power button that you have programmed on the same remote ? 

And the implementations of CEC are so inconsistent from one vendor to the other, and sometimes some HDMI ports on some TVs have proper implementation and ones on the SAME TV have partial and others none.  Unless you have all boxes and TVs being latest and greatest generations, you are just in for frustration.  


What exactly are you trying to achieve with CEC anyhow ?



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30 minutes ago, dishuser said:

with cec on it only takes one push to shut down box and tv

next power up requires both power buttons as usual if cec was turned off

I've never seen force max volume

what steps to get to that?

OK.. Haha..  Force Max volume is not on the Android 9 boxes (only the Android 11) 🙂  One less thing to keep track of.

But seriously, all this thread to avoid 1 extra button press when you power off the box ?  Lol...

For me it is just muscle memory... Green button to shutdown the box (and when I see the shutdown message), I press the red button to turn off the TV.  Funny enough, even in my bedroom, when I am using a computer monitor (instead of a TV), and it just wakes up on HDMi signal, and goes to sleep 5 seconds later when no signal detected, out of habit, I press Green and then RED (even though red does nothing on this one).





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