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Xrs4500 goes from full screen to small screen menu

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not sure if this will help you but you can try delete server and add again and see if that helps. before you add server, go to settings, buzztv app and clear cache first, and reboot your box then add and see if that helps. if you have only one server and ready to delete server then clear data as well when you clear cache. 🙂

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When it happens, do you actually see the channel list, or just the small screen in the corner with nothing else ?

Reason I ask is that before the update, on my 4900, "if" I was using primary player, and then while I was in the channel list and selected menu->settings->configuration and changed to backup player and then quickly backed out again to the channel list/full screen (before the backup player initialized/started streaming), under some circumstances the video would be only on the top right.  And it was strange, sometimes it was a scaled version of the video (like when in channel listing), but sometimes it was just like a "viewport" on the top right (same size, but was just the top right of the full size image).   Switching back to Primary player would go back to normal.   I have not tried to reproduce it since the update, but I find the players are more stable since the update.



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