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Having issues with video pausing then resuming, repeats


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After about 5-10 minutes some channels will freeze then restart, others will throw an error "stream unavailable" then start again.

Same issue on multiple servers and multiple boxes. It also happens on my XRS4900.

Tried using MAC Server, Lock ISP, now removed all links.


What happened to the Buzz Technical Forum managed by them ?


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might be your isp/servers related then if happening on multiple boxes and servers. your servers might not be great.

Switch provider if possible, swap equipment, have them check their system/wirings, use vpn if possible.

does not sounds like box related issue at all as nothing happening to my boxes using multiple servers. and nothing happened to Buzz technical forum as they are providing full support. 🙂

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I have no issues on my 4500, 4900 X5, Classic or U5 with both servers I use.  1 is MAC and the other XC. 

If using XC, try going into menu->settings->configuration and at the bottom, change the stream type from TS to HLS and see if that is any better.

Like Ryu mentioned, it doesn't sound like a box issue if you are having the issue on more than one box.  Did you try power cycling your modem/router just in case ?


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Unlinked MAC & ISP Lock, installed ipvanish, did help for sure.

There are still some Starz channels mimicking the same issue but they have always been like this. Since this is a new issue I would assume its a provider issue. It is easy to attack any outgoing web access to a .ru Russia controlled interface, so I am to assume the provider has started this.

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I 'm having with my U5 box. The light indicator is always showing red after rebooting my box. Therefore, l can't control the box with my remote again.  l have unplugging the power on several times but the same problem persist. 


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