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Buzz tv5 not connecting to the server


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Was it working previously with this service ?  You sure you are not expired ?

E2 has not gotten an update in a while.  If you go to the updates screen, what software versions (firrmware and buzztv 5 version) are you running ?

Have you tested it on a different box/device ?  Worst case you can also try using another app on the E2, instead of BuzzTV5, just to verify it is not an account issue.  If it is a MAC sub, you can try with STBEmu, if it is an XC style sub, you can try with something like IPTVSmarters.  

Does your password have a special character in it ?  Like a "!", "\", "/", "|" or many other punctuations ?  If so, if server upgrades a certain module, on back end, sometimes they can fail with strange errors.  My main service was fine for years even though I had a "!" in my password. Even after they upgraded servers it was still fine, but as modules kept getting changed, various aspects started acting funny.  Web player stopped accepting my login, giving an invalid credentials error.  Then some VOD (depending no server they were hosted on), would show everything fine, except when you tried to play, it would always say not found or some other error.  Changed password, and all the issues went away.

looking quickly at the images, seems like it is a MAC type sub possibly.  Did you recently use the account on another device ?  Many services are enabling marrying to stuff like internal DeviceID1 or 2, and if that is the case maybe the account is married to some other box.  Or possibly account got hacked.   Maybe ask your provider to do a MAC reset on the server end for your account.



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If your provider does not reply to your messages, for me that would be a quick indication that it is time to find another provider.  😞

Maybe URL changed, Maybe they are having server issues, maybe the account just needs a quick reset on the server side.  Hard to tell.

This is why I keep going back to my same 2 or 3 providers for the last 4 or 5 years.  They are not perfect (none are).  But when something critical happens (especially not being able to log in), I typically get a reply within hours (if not minutes).  I've even had one issue me a temporary account when all the usual attempts did not work, until they figured out what was causing the glitch.  Support is key.  Provider with no support is considered as good as "disposable" for me.  Good as long as they work, and into the trash once issues occur.

BTW: 5.0.799 is the latest public buzztv 5 version for these units.


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