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EPG Loading Problems


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New user, like the 4900 so far but my EPG is simply not loading information. Out of 350 channels saved as favs I might get one out of 20 channels that give me any EPG info, and at most for a day ahead, usually only a couple hours at best.  Constantly "loading" or "no info" . Have cleared cache, cleared EPG, toggled fast load on, rebooted the box, and it doesn't fix the issue.  MAC address server. Help?

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To update, still having EPG issues, and after some back and forth with my provider I'm trying to make sure things are kosher on my end. What makes it more frustrating is they only stock the 4000 so they have no familiarity with the 4900 that I got direct from buzz


On a MAC address provider service, is all the epg credentials piggybacked onto the mac address or do the epg credentials get populated elsewhere?

Are there any epg settings that one can adjust on the 4900 besides offset and clear? When my epg works, I only get 2 days worth of ahead listings. this happens for several days in a row then it stops populating and runs out for a day or so then reappears. My provider says he has no such issues on his end and suspects the box. I want to make sure he's not screwing me around with a lousy service.


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5 hours ago, piskapo said:

I just picked up this box and changed my iptv services to this new box MACID and EPG doesn't show any info. My previous box worked no problems.


Anyone have any solutions to this?



clear cache and reboot your box and try again 🙂

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