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Really impressed with BuzzTv XRS 4900


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im really impressed with Buzztv XRS 4900. 
speed of this box confused me so manny times. every time I change channel and picture just pops up before I even press channels up or down and I felt like It was never changed. after paying a close attention I noticed it changes so fast. smile.png
picture quality is just absolutely amazing. super super clear picture with beautiful info bar and everything is in detailed.
PVR works just amazing and plays nice and smooth.
very nice remote control and works just fine with bluetooth and IR mode.
Last couple of days I am testing almost over 30 servers in trial mode and I found zero issues with this box. no matter what server I launch it instantly connects and download guide/channel line up with all the info.
no connectivity issues or heating problem at all. very easy to install hard drive without using tools if needs addition storage.

believe me this will be your box forever and get it before they go out of stock. trust me you will be impressed with BuzzTV XRS4900 and you will say this to your family and friends that Ryu is right. smile.png

if you have any question feel free to post here. smile.png

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4 hours ago, hash7070 said:

It's paid youtube reviews and yours that causes these problems,cause people will come hear and read this and go and buy it,you didn't mention hd audio passthrough dosent work,stuttering in every app because auto refresh rate /resolution switch dosent work,even in kodi/spmc/mrmc which support,it,you said you had no connectivity issues or heating problems,well me and other have, ,others have over heating issues,I had to wait 5-6hours after turning it on for it to authorise itself before I could use it and so has others,there is also something wrong with buzz iptv app,biggest reason that ur buying it for,the buzz app would only sync 3600 tv channels out of 4100 from my iptv provider,thats 500 channels missing,most of them starz/hbo movies channels,and before anyone blames my iptv service I installed tivimate on this box aswell to compare and it synced all the 4100 correctly, ur saying this box is absolutely perfect and everyone is jst to go and buy it,anyone who who wants a real review go and read my post

first of all, how did you come up with paid youtube thing? that shows right there that anything you will say in your post will be wrong information just to make look buzz.

second, if your device has any issues then did you even bother contacting your seller or warranty support? btw, I dont have problems and theres probably thousands out there with this unit got no problem.

I tried few different ways and found exact same numbers of channels.

mine works perfect because its pretty awesome device and key thing is I know how to setup and if theres any issue I know how to properly contact warrant support. hope this will

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There are literally hundreds of services out there and yes there are issues with some 

Users have posted these issues and contacted buzz with  their issue and buzz have resolved it

Thats the mature way to do things


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Hello. I just got the XRS4900 today & I am having issues trying to figure out what I need to do or how to obtain a MAC Server or what exactly I need to do to be able to load up the Live TV &/ or the VOD

I was using the Superbox S2 Pro & that android interface seems much easier to obtain & view the Live TV & VOD

Any step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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