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  2. I was having the same problem with vod, but with december update, it correct it, but only for a few hour, after x hour the vod show 0 movie, need to restard my xr4000 and after i'm good for a couple of hour
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  4. Right now it's in closed Beta 4.0.408 is the latest closed Beta.
  5. Are you located in UK? Just asking as we fixed a similar issue of no EPG this week on Closed Beta.
  6. Much appreciated allaboutbuzz...
  7. Yesterday
  8. The reported issues are being looked at and trying to be reproduced + fixed. Will keep everyone updated.
  9. Reboot your box and try the update again. The update server was offline for about an hour today. So might have happened to you during this time.
  10. I understand And we appreciate all feedback I replied to your other post in this thread about the player issue.
  11. The default player issue is being addressed in the next beta we release Which should be next week. Things like this aren't just fixed overnight Plus the issue you just mentioned is something totally different. Was the tvcatchup issue reported in beta section??? Or a different thread?? If so, pm me a link please.
  12. Did that resolved the issue I have the same problem brand new box
  13. Did that resolved the issue because I have the same problem
  14. From what I know the xpl3000 came in 2017? And I got it right away , I'm not trying to bash or point fingers but I'm using Buzztv boxes and selling them from the xpl2000 versions and yes they have updates but I think the xr and xrs are not stable like the old ones ,the remote and player problem is bugging me since the release , the EPG(Guide) is somehow fixed (I think the 3000 still load fast ) in rest is smooth and easy to use like it supposed too.
  15. My server says its my STB because he has clients that VOD and TV Series work perfectly on...Also the video selections all load but you go to push play nothing happens with either pushing the OK button or the air mouse, also I have switched default to secondary and still nothing works ?
  16. I was reporting the issue with the tvcatchup and the default player from Dec. that doesn't work properly on Vod and live tv ,I have to use the secondary player ,I have the latest update but still the same problem nothing changed ,I'm using 5 servers is not like is a problem with a specific server.
  17. I am running version V20191210 is that the latest ??
  18. Also we still support even our 3000 model which came out 4 years ago with updates So not sure why you are posting we only shift support to new boxes being released.
  19. So your vod and tv series also not working?? Its one if 2 issues, they're using an older update or there is an issue with the specific server that's being used, keep in mind there are tons of them to use now. So far only this thread has users reporting this issue, and it was addressed few months ago. If this was a widespread issue then our forums + email support + phones would be going off non stop.
  20. Are you running the latest firmware update? Because this issue was addressed in November update. Maybe your box didn't get msg to pop up to take update. You can check to see if you have any updates from the home screen Go to update Then check for update.
  21. which remote you have this fake brand? or you have Original buzztv IR remote?
  22. That's the hope but seams like they are busy releasing the new Buzztv boxes ,and like usual they forget about the older boxes
  23. I´ve been using my Buzztv box since October and i´m experiencing the same problems of having to press buttons a couple of times before anything happens.. I´d also prefer any solution rather than having to buy a new remote..
  24. VOD doesn't work on my XRS 4000 either, and the same for the TV series. The only thing that works is live TV...We are getting a firmware update to fix this right ??
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