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XRS4500 and X5 special edition AX reboot on start every time turned on


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I have both and XRS4500 and a special edition X5 AX. 

Both units boot through the buzz 5 start up screen to the page where I have to select live tv. They run through the start up screens and are very slow.

Is there any way to set the units up so they boot directly to the previous channel that I was watching when I turned the units off?

My old Mag 254 always booted directly to the program and was almost instantly on. 



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Suspend on the 4500 will do that, but suspend on the 5 series devices will not as a far as I recall.  It will start up faster (since it is just a resume), but will not go back into LiveTV.  It restores from suspend back to the main home screen if I recall.  

I personally avoid suspend.  A clean boot is priceless to ensure the stability of any device.  Suspend over time does tend to cause issues especially with networking (mostly WiFi).    That is a personal choice/preference I guess.



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28 minutes ago, dishuser said:

I said "also"

my x5 goes right to last channel I was watching using those options

You are 100% correct.

This however was NOT the behavior a while back (resume from suspend, or from CEC resume would always take you to home screen).  It was probably corrected in one of the many updates. Some of the updates have so many new features, that I often spend more time checking out the new features, that the fixes 🙂

I just tested it on my new X5 64AX-C and from suspend, it resumes in LiveTV (if that is where you were) and resumes playing from the last channel.   I even tested the "Virtual CEC" since I have the box connected to a computer monitor.  Turn the monitor off while I was watching LiveTV.  Took about 5 second, and the box went into suspend mode.   Turn the monitor back on, and the box resumed and started LiveTV from the last channel I was connected to (box was playing before the monitor had even started displaying image - which is less than 3 seconds for my monitor).



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