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how can i get the app downloader to work.it will load but i can't get on the page it loads.

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have you tried this from this site? is this the one you trying to download? if yes then try to delete old first then try this and see if this helps.

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OK, so this is NOT a built in app to the 4500.  This is a 3rd party app you downloaded/sideloaded. 

On Aptoide, the latest version I saw was 1.4.1.  Downloaded, installed, and it works fine.

I uninstalled it, and downloaded a copy of 1.4.4 from here (same site Ryu mentions above - just a direct download link).


Installed it on my 4500 and my 4900, and works as expected also.

However I honestly don't see the point of this app on a Buzz box.  A firestick is limited and this helped bypass the cumbersome restrictions.  The Buzz box is not.  If you already have the URL of an app you want, just download it on a PC, put it on a USB stick and easily install it (either using your favorite file browser, or even the App installer that buzz boxes have).   And what I often do, is keep a USB stick with all the typical apps I install on my boxes (and I know work as expected), and that way I don't need to download them every time.  They are all conveniently on one cheap old stick and takes seconds to reinstall if I get a new box or do a factory reset.








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