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BuzzTv XRS 4900 SSD Install Help and More General Questions


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I have 2 BuzzTV XRS 4900 Android devices. I have much Buffering and Some Freezing. One device is near my Spectrum modem and Router. The other is in an upstairs Living Room. I have a Samsung 1TB SSD drive installed and a 2TB thumbdrive in the device nearest to the Spectrum modem and router. The SSD will be used for DVR/PVR recordings. The 2TB USB thumbdrive I hope to be able to set up for use as RAM to lessen or prevent the buffering and freezing issues I am having with both devices. 

The 2nd BuzzTV XRS 4900 device in the Living Room is connected to the Spectrum Internet via a "pod" that is plugged into the Surge Protector on the TV stand and it uses the Wifi but is connected to the BuzzTv XRS 4900 via an Ethernet cable going from that "pod" into the BuzzTV XRS 4900 Ethernet port. The Living Room device still buffers but not as much or as severely as before. Would adding a USB thumdrive and setting it up to be used as RAM prevent the buffering and freezing that occurs on both of these BuzzTV XRS 4900 devices?

Also, I am considering purchasing 1 or 2 of the BuzzTV U5 devices in the future if this will help with these issues. Please send me detailed information as soon as possible. Thanks so much for your prompt, detailed, and useful assistance to anyone who can help.

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adding external drive does does not help with ram. ram is built in and you can not expand.

does not matter if you are hardwire and very close to router buffering could be due to server side or ISP side.

try using vpn if possible and if using vpn then try without vpn.


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Like Ryu has mentioned, no HDD or thumbdrive will help with these issues.

However if this is a regular issue, I would try (as a test) to connect directly to the Spectrum modem via an ethernet cable directly.   I know it may not be convenient, but at least it will tell you if it is the WiFi system of the modem/pods which is the cause of the issues.  I've seen many ISP modems with integrated wifi which are fine for the typical burst of data from web browsing, but tend to choke with straming.  If hardwiring helps and makes it better, but running a direct cable is not an option for long term, you may want to consider some of the better Powerline adapters (something like the TP-Link AV2000 series - not cheap, but very well rated and stable).  These will work in most situations unless you have some very strange electrical home setup or really old home still using knob and tube type wiring.  Oh ya, and don't plug them into power surge protectors, they can be affected.  Amazon does sell them, so at least if they don't work for you, you can return within the 30 day return period if sold and shipped by amazon.

Also, are you sure it is not the service itself ?  Have you tried with some Free streaming channels (like the Pluto ones or others) ?  If you haven't, PM me and I can send you the M3U link for the Pluto channels.  At least you can see if it is the service that is causing the glitching/buffering.

One other thing, have you tried with both media players (Primary and Backup) ?  



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