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Turn off subtitles


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When you are watching your channel in full screen, just press LEFT on the dPad of the remote, and it should bring up a side menu on the left, and right no the top, you will have an option for subtitles, and you can select "Disabled", or any on of the available subtitle streams if they exist.

EDIT:  And like Benfica mentioned, the green button bring out the exact same menu..


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53 minutes ago, rdw33 said:

I tried the green button and the left D and neither work.

You don't see the menu, or you disable them and it makes not difference ?   You use the left D or Green button from "which" screen ?  If you are in the full view screen, the green button should bring up the options on the left.  Does it not ?  If you press the "info" key on the remote when watching full screen, you will see the banner on the bottom with the program info and what each colored button does in that screen.  Do you see that ?

Now, like nbs mentioned, there are some programs which have subtitles hardcoded into the video.  In those cases, obviously even if you turn off the subtitles in the options, it won't make a difference.

What version of BuzzTV are you running on your 4500 ?  Hit MENU button and it should be printed at the bottom of the menu.

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I'm sorry I forgot to mention that I'm using a USB stick plugged in to the box. The VLC media player which was pre-installed on the box. I've disabled sub titles in VLC but doesn't help.

If I plug the USB into the TV I can disable the sub titles.

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