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Navigation difficult

Dan Bunton

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I have to admit I love the box but hate this remote. The worst part is the unraised navigational keys. I also have trouble when entering server url address. It always put spaces in line even though I haven't entered any spaces. Im considering ordering one of the other available remotes even if its non Bluetooth.  Im think the BUZZTV ESSENTIAL ARQ-250. Has raised navigation keys. Can anyone confirm? At least this remote you can speak to as well. LOL 

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Don't think the speak function works on any of these remotes.  Blame google for it.  The MIC is there, and you can talk to it if you are lonely, but I don't think it will do anything 🙂 

Remotes are VERY subjective.  All personal taste.

My favorites remotes by far are the BT200 and BT100.  I find they have the perfect proportions and all the keys stick up just the right amount for that perfect tactile feel.  The BT100 and BT200 are very similar.  However they do have some distinct differences.

Due to the 2 extra programmable buttons on the BT200 (for the TV Volume), they relocated the mouse cursor enable and mute buttons, to the section between the channel+/- and volume+/- rockers.  I find it it more natural (for me at least) and easier when in the dark.  The keys of the BT100 have a rubbery feel to them (not a bad thing).  The BT200 is similar for all the buttons, EXCEPT, the DPAD and the OK button in the center of the dpad which are smooth.  They are smooth, but feel nice since the OK button is convex outward like a small smartie sitting in the center of the dpad.  And the dpad is angled inwards, comes just below the OK button edges.  I use the BT200 the most (since that is what I have on both of my xrs4900 which are my main boxes), but the BT100 is a close second.

I don't have an ARQ250, but I recently acquired an ARQ200 which I'm pretty sure is identical in that aspect.  These are pretty much identical in feel as the MX3 clone remotes I've been using for ages (but many keys and the layout a bit, is Buzz customized).  Takes a little getting used to (like anything), they are not flat, but I find the OK button is a little more pronounced than I'd like, and the dpad tends to be a little on the low side in comparison.  It's not bad, but personal taste, I would have preferred if the dpad had just a tad more of a bulge to be at about the same height level (at the peek of the bulge) as the OK button.

I have taken a few angled photos (attached) of the 3 remotes  (focusing on the dpad section) to try and depict the differences.

The BT250 however (no pic since my phone battery just died as I was going to take one) has one of the largest dpads, but it is also pretty flat.  The OK button is about 1/2mm recessed compared to the dpad, but even in the dark, it is easy to distinguish the dpad from the OK button, since the dpad is a smooth plastic, but the OK button is rubberized and you feel the friction as you rub your thumb over it.


When you enter the server info and you get the spaces and strange behaviours, it is indirectly related the android keyboard (have you made any changes?).   I have seen that before on other boxes and apps, and when you type a "." it assumes that it is an end of sentence, and when you type the next character, it adds a space first.  Google thinks it knows best.  And like Ryu mentioned, for entering server info, it is super simple to use your phone, tablet or PC, and on BuzzTV 5 when you go to the SERVER setup screen, you will see on the top right (where your MAC address is, a message that you can go to something like (assuming that is the IP of your box) and you have another device on same network, to create server entries.   When setting up a new box or after a factory reset, this saves a huge amount of time.  One improvement would be to be able to easily select existing entries to edit them.  You can do it by editing the URL in your browser now, but it is not obvious,  Something like  (where you can replace the 1 with the index number of the server entry you have already created), and you can edit and save new info.  But having an edit option which would list all the entries so you can select one and edit it would be nice.  Guess it will be on a wish list 🙂





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