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XRS4500 now tells me "Media format not supported"

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any help here would be great.
i have two xrs4500 boxes, and today it got an update firmware v20220914, now i get errors with MEDIA FORMAT NOT SUPPORTED.
so when i click on BuzzTV5 loads properly shows menu and guide but give this error. must be a media player issue with this update.
Doesn't allow me to watch live tv anymore, but my other box is firmware v20220106 and i can watch live tv.
what has happened and how can i get to watch live tv again on that box.
anyone with knowledge and understanding would be great, and what to do here, who do i contact ?

thanks in advance.


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i know figured out what has happened, my box had gotten updated with the Beta version of:

firmware:  V20220919

iptv version:  5.0.766

my other box never got this update and now my live tv does not work.

i need to somehow get off this firmware version and go back to:

firmware: V20220106

iptv version:  5.0.793


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I know that in some cases, if you do a factory reset on some boxes, it will download and install BuzzTV 5.

It was in beta back in the days, but it is no longer beta.  If you do download beta, that is not a problem, because within minutes of powering back up, it will find the latest buzztv 5 version and download and install that, and you will be at the latest (non-beta) version.

But like nbs said.  allaboutbuzz is the best person to sort this out for you.


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