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Viewing multiple channels


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With my service I can have up to 5 active connections at once. I installed Tivimate to explore watching multiple games in smaller windows. On my X5, with WiFi or Ethernet, I can only load 2 channels at once. If I add a 3rd, both the 2d & 3d channels start blinking in and out, while only the original channel is stable. 
I’ve configured other various devices (running strictly WiFi) and can load 4 channels at once with no issues.

I just saw there’s a new update but I haven’t loaded it yet.

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There was a TVM update a week or so ago.

Not sure what the update cured. My TVM seemed to working as it should up to now.

I don't use the multi screen thing. I found that my TVM really slowed down when recording at the

same time I was watching another channel. I guess that was because I was using a service with only 1 connection.

I am now using a service with 5 connections on my X5.

"BeachBumm " have you figured out how to use the "catchup" on your TVM?   

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I don't use catchup, I use an app that has everything I want to watch, minus the commercials obv. I've also never tried recording, for much the same reason.

As for TVM, I only use it on Sundays. I love being able to quickly jump to another game when one goes to commercial. As for the update, it's only my X5 that doesn't perform when using the multi-view.

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