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  1. "nbs" , once I unlocked a XXX channel and added it to my favs, I never had to unlock it again .
  2. I may or may not be able to say this but, once you unlock your XXX channel(s) and choose a specific channel, you can save it as a fav and then never have to unlock it again. Of course this would be for any one not worried about "others" watching. TK
  3. Thanks "dishuser" , that was the step I was missing. TK
  4. Thanks "Ryu". When I press the show/hide buttons I can unhide all categories BUT adult. I can "check mark" the adult cat but not unhide them. TK
  5. How do you "unhide" the adult channels. TK
  6. Ever since the "Factory Reset" things have gone from bad to worse. I no longer have TS( pause). The TS function is enabled, I can only pause for 5 sec or so. I have enabled the TS to go to my HD. The X5 recognizes my HD. All my recordings do not offer the "continue" option. Any VOD does not offer "continue" Any TV series does not offer "continue'' Also all of the things from posts "Oct 15 &16th"
  7. I bit the bullet, and did the dreaded factory reset. We will see how that goes over the next few days.
  8. Well, this weekend I recorded some shows. All my recordings went like I mentioned above (Oct 15th) Not only that, but, recordings done prior to this weekend are acting the same way. Would a factory reset be in order?
  9. Interesting thing happened today. My recordings are working as they should. FF right away , resume , it's a miracle! I didn't do anything ; as usual according to my wife! TK
  10. Thanks "nbs" and "E" . I'll try the factory reset on Wed. I have a bunch of stuff recording tomorrow day & night. I'll let you know how it works out. TK
  11. If I clear data and/or clear cache will I lose my scheduled recordings on my scheduled recording page?
  12. In my case, recorded shows will not fast forward, at the beginning , or for the first time, unless I pause first. On recorded shows recorded before, or after, 10122022, will go back 9 min on a FF before the shows goes ahead(FF). And all recordings will not allow a "resume" play. On a TV series I do not get a "resume" play option. My be I'm the only one. I guess we wait and see.
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