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WiFi issues


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I’ve had my U5 for several months and really like it better than my other ‘devices’. However, for some time now, easily 4-5 months, it seems that my unit randomly loses the WiFi connection. I turn off the WiFi (in settings, not my home network), and turn it back on. Rarely will it automatically reconnect to my network until I’ve done this 5+ times. A day or 2 later this process has to be repeated. I’ve tried rebooting the unit, removing/connecting power, etc. Nothing fixes this issue. A week ago I decided to connect to my network via ethernet over power line configuration. This obv negates any WiFi issue, and while it does slightly reduce my connection speed, the unit is functioning as designed.

So, my question is this: is there any way to troubleshoot the WiFi connection via diagnostics or something? Nothing else in my home has any problem with a WiFi connection, btw.

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check if box has any update available. if yes, ty that first.

if not try to change wifi band (meaning if you have 5g and 2.4 then try to switch to only one for few days and see which one stays/works better). make sure to forget one before test one so it won't switch back and forth.

try to change wifi channel to auto if its not on auto and if its on auto then try to change to some random with less saturation.

also, if you have different router to test then try that. if ISP own then try to swap or get different kind of if they have available. 


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My apologies, I thought I’d clicked on the X5 model. If a mod would please relocate it?

But, in response to your suggestion: I can’t differentiate between 2.4/5 bands on my network without making network-wide changes, I.e., disable one band or the other. I would assume that the unit connects to the best channel it sees on the network. Thus it wouldn’t, at least in my mind, make any difference if it was 2.4 or 5. Either way, the unit fails to connect to my network immediately as it should. This leads me to believe a probable(?) issue with the WiFi section of the unit.

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The router probably has an option called "bandwidth steering".  If it is enabled, the router tries to push devices to the 5Ghz band.  If it is disabled, you will see 2 separate SSID (one for 2.4Ghz, and one for 5Ghz, and YOU can choose what to connect to.   There are advantages and disadvantages to both.   2.4Ghz is very congested and slower max speeds.  But it has a longer range than 5Ghz.  5Ghz is less congested, and faster.  But does not have a long range, and will drop off quite quickly as distance increases.  Also being a higher frequency it will not penetrate walls/doors, etc.. as easily.


Many ISP provide modem/router all-in-one units.  These are typically junk, and are rarely updated.  They are just cheap all-on-one solutions for convenience.  Cheap (like dlink) and no name routers are no better.  They rarely provide any updates to correct or improve their devices.  Some of the better brands (like Asus and Netgear on some models) provide quite frequent updates on their units, which provide many fixes for compatibility, better algorithms for the band steering, and security updates.  And the updates can sometimes go on over 3 to 5 years after the device is purchased, which is pretty nice.  Keep in mind that I am just referring to basic consumer grade units here.

I also was given an all-in-one modem/router by my ISP.  And very quickly, I disabled the onboard WiFi and got dedicated WiFi Access points, since I wanted more control and the all-in-one would work fine for a week or 2, then 2 or 3 days of h3ll.  I eventually gave up, converted the modem/router to bridge mode (essentially disabling the WiFi and router functions - ie: becomes a dumb modem) then added 3 WiFi access points (2 upstairs and one in the basement - wired backhaul from router to access points), and my own pfsense based router/firewall.   Obviously overkill for most, but it has been rock solid anywhere in the house (and even in the back yard).  

Many friends that have an all-in-one and complain about WiFi stability, I suggest at least one simple upgrade.   Get something like a TP-Link EAP245 wireless access point, disable the WiFi on the all-ion-one, and connect and use this access point for your WiFi needs.   It has better range, more stable, and it is only about $100 on amazon.  And being sold by amazon, if you don't feel you got an improvement, it can always be returned easily.



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years ago I bought an asus 4 in 1 router(about the size of a pack of smokes) for $35 on kijiji

set it up as a repeater one floor away from modem/router

could get 4 bars 500' away at garage going thru several walls as well

easily the best item I ever got from that site...lol

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