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5.0 Resume/Audio issues

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Anyone having issues coming back from Standby? I just get a spinning circle and no channels load. If I reboot the box and reconnect to the portal, all is fine.

Another issue I noticed with 5.0 is the wildly uneven audio levels between channels. I basically have to constantly adjust the audio levels, one channel is a feint  whisper while another is way too loud.


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1 hour ago, nbs. said:


The volume levels would have to be modified at the server 

I don't recall 4.X having the issue at that level. Literally with the same audio interface level, channel 123 is almost a whisper  while channel 124 is very loud. There also seems to be a greater lag between the audio popping up than 4.X did.

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I have the same problem with the video. Turning off "start in live TV" in power options got rid of the freezing wheel, but you need to hit the live TV button after coming out of standby to refresh the picture. That gets you back online right away when using the secondary player, which works better than the default. 

I believe this is being looked into.

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6 hours ago, dishuser said:


The default basically goes back to the same 4.x behavior so you lose all the information concerning the feed (i.e. resolution/audio).

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14 hours ago, dishuser said:

but did it fix other issues?

It seemed better, I reverted back to the secondary once I saw the loss of functionality. The default basically has no video feed metadata information whatsoever.

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