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xr 4000 buzz box


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Buzz box was working great until i just got a new Arris modem/router combo.

Now two problems have developed 1-when i try to go to live tv i am getting cannot access portal message  2- an hour later and now the power light button is not even lighting up. Any help much appreciated.

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11 minutes ago, Dawg said:

wired- read rules is my server. I have their latest software update. There is power to the outlet

not bad

1 for 1

broke a rule and posted you're wired

I'll let others play because I don't play 20 questions actually

if you want help you would provide more info

good luck


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First issue could be that the box is NOT connected to the internet (regardless if you are wired).  Try other app like Youtube to ensure internet is up.   

If it is up, then it could be your ISP, possibly blocking.  Try with a VPN and see if it helps.  Or maybe your service provider is has ISP/IP locked your account on the panel, and with change of IP due to new modem, they need to reset your account to take into account the new IP range.

For the issue of the box no longer powering up, it could be a bad power supply.  Are you 100% sure you did not accidently swap the power adapter for the buzz box, with one from another box ?  the XR4000 uses a 5V power supply (typically 5V, 2A) ?  And even though you say the outlet is good.. take it to another room, don't need to plug it into a TV, but plug the power adapter in and connect it to the box and see if the lights come on.



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yeah they all over. box not connecting, no power, need a new box then I figured it out lol 🙂

they needed to stick with one thread lol but im glad they figured it out 🙂

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1 hour ago, Emporium said:

OK.. Just saw it on the other forum.. spent more time posting, than checking out his own config.  And at the end does not even say "what" the issue was.  All over the place.


ya they did

they were using the wrong portal number...lmfao


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