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Color buttons not working on buzz tv bt400 remote


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The BT-400 remote is having issues with a couple of buttons. The color buttons do not light up the led light on the remote. Not allowing me to do anything with color buttons. I am also having an issue with the number 1 on the keypad as well. 

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Assuming you tried to replace the batteries with a fresh working set ?

Start with reset as DU has mentioned:  Hold the D-Pad Down button and the 0 (Zero) button for 4 seconds until it blinks 3 times.  Then see if the buttons trigger the LED.

Also, check to see if there remote has not opened along the side seems.  My wife drops the remote often, and it sometimes unclips and starts to split along the edges which causes some buttons to not respond.  Tightly squeezing the sides and snapping it back together, fixes the issues.


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well for xmas get her the tool edition...lol

I cheated and used string for sunglasses cause I kept leaving remote on the couch and would come back and find remote on floor(bt-200 sometimes rattles)

it's cuban crisis...lol

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