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BuzzTV x5 128ai Mac address


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If it is 2 providers, then you can surely use the SAME MAC on both of them, since there should be no conflict.

Keep in mind that they do NOT want your actual MAC, but rather the Server ID that is on the TOP right when you are in the MAC server screen

To change the MAC, you first have to create your MAC server entry as normal (not option to change when you actually create it).  then once you save it, and you are back in the main server MAC screen, if you highlight the entry you just created, you have 2 options (listed at bottom).. RED button, is "EDIT/REMOVE", and BLUE button is "CHANGE MAC".  You can use he second option to change the MAC of that entry.

BE SURE to respect the format, and I do not recommend you change the first 3 pairs of HEX digits (00:1A:79) since many servers expect the first three pairs to be exactly that.


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Only reason you would need a different MAC, is that your MAC has been compromised and your provider decided you are better off changing MAC. 

OR your provider tells you that your MAC is "taken" on their server, because someone used it with some app that allows them to use whatever MAC they want.   But the odds are slim (1 in 16^6 - ie: 16.7 Million+ combinations - assuming the 00:1A:79 remains static) and that is only on that specific server.

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