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how to pair the bt-400 remote tp an rca tv

Paul Gignac

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Not every TV will be able to be paired.

And unfortunately, the truth is, the RCA name does not mean much any more.  The name is sold and branded on all sorts of different hardware, which truly has nothing to do with the RCA name, other than the fact that they paid a licensing fee to use the name 😞

Personally I don't use any pairing with many of these devices.  Since  I only use a buzz box with my TV, The input is always set to the buzz box.  I set the TV volume to about 2/3 of it's max volume (have done the same on another TV that has a sound bar) and leave the "force max volume" off on the buzz, so basically the only thing I need to do is manually turn the TV on, but then the remote handles everything else including volume (which is variable since force max volume is off).   

Anyhow, everyone's situation is different.  But I find that sometimes you can spend days trying to get everything programmed and cooperating (assuming everything is even compatible), and all that to avoid a single 1 second action like manually turning on the TV 🙂



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2 hours ago, Paul Gignac said:

rca is not on thye list in tye pairing program. I can't find the process to pair it to my rca tv

you have to go to manual setup Mine was under sony but yours could be anyone but try sony first 

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