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My bluetooth speaker audio issue after firmware upgrade


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My JBL charge 5 bluetooth speakers audio is lagging/breaking up since the firmware upgrade few days ago. Everything was perfect before that. I tried to do factory reset on buzz classic box but still no luck. But when I unpair my original buzztv remote under bluetooth option my JBL speaker works perfectly but the range of my IR is very weak when I go far like 15ft away my remote doesn't work so I have to use bluetooth option for my remote. Is it possible to revert back to previous firmware?

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Let's get one thing out of the way first.  You can't revert.

Now, if you say your IR on a Buzz BT250 (which is what the Classic comes with) has issues at 15ft, then there is something wrong.  I am nearly 20ft from my box and have 0 issues with IR and I rarely point the remote to the box.  The IR on these remotes and sensitivity on the boxes is quite impressive.  Try replacing the batteries on your remote.

Don't know how close the box and speaker are, but try to separate them a bit.  If you are too close to the box, the internal BT antenna may actually be too powerful for it and overwhelming the speaker.  Also if your buzz box is too close to a wall, try moving it.  Reflection or RF signals can cause all sorts of strange behaviours.  Sometimes it can be just a few inches in one direction or another which cause the issue.



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What meant is if I connect my BT250 remote using Bluetooth then I have no issue with range it can work far away but my bluetooth speakers doesn't work properly so if I disconnect my BT250 from bluetooth then remote uses regular IR blaster but that is not strong enough to reach 15 to 20ft. My bluetooth speaker is very close to the box. Like I said I had no issue before firmware upgrade so something has to be do with firmware. I even tried to move my bluetooth speaker far or different place but still the same.

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