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Cannot load portal: Incorrect username or password.

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Hi all.


I am having a problem that I cannot seem to resolve. I moved recently, just 2 doors down, same apartment complex. Literally, the neighbor on one side is still my neighbor- i'm just on the other side of them now. I forgot to change my address with ATT but I just brought my router with me and plugged it in and everything seemed ok.

Then it stopped working.

I called, had to stop service at my old place and set up and completely new account. Did so. They sent me a new router, connected, everything worked. Except it has their weird alphabet soup name for my network and equally clumsy password. I changed the network name and password and now I am constantly getting this error message.

I turned the box on and off. Nothing.

I reset the box. Nothing.

I disconnected the power and restarted. Nothing.

I cleared the cache. Nothing.

I cleared the memory. Nothing.

I did forget network and signed in again. Nothing.

I did a hard reset by restarting, inserting a toothpick in the hole in the back and holding it for 15 seconds. Nothing.

I checked with the guy who hosts the servers and hes given me several different urls to try. Nothing.

[/b]All my other devices work.[/b] Every single laptop, phone, tablet, etc connected to my wifi works just fine. Only Buzz TV refuses to get with the program.


I would appreciate any pointers.



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ok make sure your credentials are correct. example, when entering make sure 0 is not o and might be case sensitive. so confirm your credentials with your guy. if possible ask them to change credentials then try.

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Double checked. Everything is exactly as it should be.

I tried turning off wifi and connecting the cable. Nothing.

I checked for updates. Latest version.

Hard reset again. Nothing.

I checked with my cousin, who is on the same servers. He's fine.

I'm resetting again now and going to try clearing the cache and memory again.

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And it is not signing on at all now. It is connected to the internet, I can watch youtube videos through it. But it won't connect to the tv channels. Same error message; incorrect user name or password.

It was repeatedly giving me error messages while I was watching rugby on Saturday, so I reluctantly restarted it, hoping it would cure itself. Nope.


Any help appreciated.

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This sounds like one of 2 things.    

Either the service is having issues with it's servers.   Or your MAC has been compromised and the reason you re being bumped is because someone else is also connected to your account.

For MAC, you can change it if you'd like (Buzz recently brought back the option to change it).  Going from memory, I believe when you are in the MAC server screen (where it shows all your MAC servers), you highlight the one you want to change and then I believe it is the blue button to edit (you can check the bottom color legend)   You can then change a few pairs of hex digits (0-9,A-F) at the end of your MAC  (which starts with 00:1A:79:xx:xx:xx).   Do not change the 00:1A:79 part since some servers will only accept MACs which start with that.  Once you change it, ask your reseller to change the MAC in your panel to match what you changed it to.


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